Gio Completo and Wain-o No Bueno- I was There!

August 30,31 and September 1,2 are important days for the Washington Nationals. They are playing the 2011 World Series champs, what to call the Nats by 2013. Adam Wainwright was on the bump for S.T. Louis and Gio Gonzalez pitched for the hometown Nationals. Wainwright got pulled after 2 2/3, but Gonzalez pitched a gem. He had a no-no threw 4 innings. Ryan Zimmerman hit a two run homer to give the Nats a 10-0 lead and Gio Completo. A COMPLETE GAME, 5 HIT SHUTOUT! NUMBER ONE OF HIS CAREER! He got the Gatorade shower and the shaving cream. WHAT A WAY TO END AUGUST!

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