July 2012

Marlins are caught by LOTS of fishermen, ace is not the only lone star.

July 31 is a general manager’s time to work it out. Especially the one for the Miami Marlins. It seems the players were caught by lots of fishermen. Gaby Sanchez going to the steel city. Infante, A.Sanchez to motown. Edward Mujica to St. Louis. Here’s the huge one: Hanley Ramirez was traded with Randy Choate to Hollywood for Nathan Eovaldi and Scott McGough. So they are moving on from the ball park that just opened to the ballpark that was built before 1932. The ivy behind the wall.

Ryan Dempster was traded to the Texas Rangers. Teaming up with Nelson Cruz, Ian Kinsler, and Josh Hamilton, Dempster isn’t the lone star of this lone star state team.

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From Wrigley to Turner, and from cubbies to bravos.

Atlanta Braves acquire Pitcher Paul Maholm and outfielder Reed Johnson and cash from the Chicago Cubs for two prospects. In my opinion, that was a last-minute trade because The Trade deadline was the next day. The Braves needed a shortstop but it was a ok trade because they acquired a P and a OF.

Nats News   Phillies vs Nationals 7:05pmET, 6:05pmCT,5:05pmMT,4:05pmPT. The Nationals are the kings of baseball right now. THEY HAVE THE BEST RECORD IN THE MAJOR LEAGUES Right now, noting that they have never had a winning season as the Washington Nationals so with august tomorrow we should have a playoff contender.

Davey Johnson reaches 100+ wins with 5 different teams

Nationals manager Davey Johnson gets his 100th win as a National on Saturday, July 28 against the Milwaukee Brewers. The score was 4-1. That is exiting, right? Well, listen to this. It was his 5th managerial team that he got 100+ wins. Yeah, with the queens team he got 568 wins and only 120 losses but with Washington he has 100 wins and 88 losses. Since he got the Mets a championship, he has the potential for Pennsylvania ave. and co. to partay in October.

NATS NEWS Nationals vs Brewers MIL10  WSH 11
RYAN BRAUN scored on rundown by fellow OF Corey Hart

topps attax 98 mph CHANGEUP F. Liriano has some sox.

Minnesota Twins righty Francisco Liriano is traded to the south side of the windy city for 2 prospects.
I have never heard a trade better than this. He was on a 100-loss team and traded 100 miles south to a 2012 hot streak team.
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nationals 4 brewers 1:)
COREY BROWN1st major league hit
RYAN ZIMMERMAN homer to deep center


Greinke Traded to the Angels

Zack Greinke was traded to the Los Angeles Angels for prospect Ariel Pena and 2 players to be named later. I don’t think LA needs Greinke but it is a big job for him to deepen the Angels starting rotation. Jered Weaver, C.J Wilson, Zack, and Dan Haren could make the 2012 Angels win the world cuppie-cup in baseball. 

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Nationals 0 Brewers 6  😦

July 26, 2012

Nats News – WSH 8 MIL 2.  Top 2 – Adam LaRoche homers.  Stephen Lombardozzi triples.  WSH up 4-0.  Bot 7 Carlos Gomez homes.  WSH up 8-2.  Bot 9 Roger Bernadina makes a diving catch to end it.  WSH wins 8-2.  Ace Gallardo didn’t win tonight!

July 25, 2012

Fact:  Cole Hamels signs a 6 year $144 million extension with the Philadelphia Phillies.
Opinion:  Terrific choice.  Nationals need a starter but Cole hit Bryce Harper intentionally but umpire Angel Hernandez didn’t toss him into the shower.  Only block: money.  How can the Phillies afford $144 million dollars?  Owner, just work somewhere else until you make enough.

July 24, 2012

Marlins trade 3b Hanley Ramirez and LHP Randy Choate to Dodgers for Pitchers Nathan Eovaldi and Scott McGough. Los Angeles really does not need Ramirez. They are really good this year he shouldn’t have signed the deal. Ramirez was terrific with Florida/Miami,so owner Jeffery Loria and manager Ozzie Guillen shouldn’t have made the trade. The 6’1” Choate needed to say goodbye to Miami but the newly named ballclub shouldn’t have traded Ramirez.

Nats News:  METS 2 NATIONALS 5, Nationals at Mets. Ronny Cedeno hits a liner to right field. David Wright scores. Cedeno tagged out at second base. Tyler Clippard strikes out Ike Davis to end game. WSH wins 5-2. The Mets are struggling so much their no.1 starter couldn’t get a win.