July 24, 2012

Marlins trade 3b Hanley Ramirez and LHP Randy Choate to Dodgers for Pitchers Nathan Eovaldi and Scott McGough. Los Angeles really does not need Ramirez. They are really good this year he shouldn’t have signed the deal. Ramirez was terrific with Florida/Miami,so owner Jeffery Loria and manager Ozzie Guillen shouldn’t have made the trade. The 6’1” Choate needed to say goodbye to Miami but the newly named ballclub shouldn’t have traded Ramirez.

Nats News:  METS 2 NATIONALS 5, Nationals at Mets. Ronny Cedeno hits a liner to right field. David Wright scores. Cedeno tagged out at second base. Tyler Clippard strikes out Ike Davis to end game. WSH wins 5-2. The Mets are struggling so much their no.1 starter couldn’t get a win.

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