Marlins are caught by LOTS of fishermen, ace is not the only lone star.

July 31 is a general manager’s time to work it out. Especially the one for the Miami Marlins. It seems the players were caught by lots of fishermen. Gaby Sanchez going to the steel city. Infante, A.Sanchez to motown. Edward Mujica to St. Louis. Here’s the huge one: Hanley Ramirez was traded with Randy Choate to Hollywood for Nathan Eovaldi and Scott McGough. So they are moving on from the ball park that just opened to the ballpark that was built before 1932. The ivy behind the wall.

Ryan Dempster was traded to the Texas Rangers. Teaming up with Nelson Cruz, Ian Kinsler, and Josh Hamilton, Dempster isn’t the lone star of this lone star state team.

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