August 2012

Papa John, Start piling up new pizzas!

You know, I am a diehard Nats fan, but I am waiting to see the Mets win a series. They played the Nats 5 times and haven’t won a series yet. The Mets won game one in that April series and lost the next 2. In June the Nats won a game that the Mets should have won and lost the next day, but won the day after. Still the Nationals won the set. On July 17 I went with my reading teacher and they walked off 5-4 in a epic game. Nats won the set. In late July the swept them. Now they went 1-2-1 and the Nats got Papa John’s both times. They are at home next time around and hello home field advantage. Nationals News Nationals 5 Mets 2

Nat’s Bats are settled down by Jon Niese.

The Washington Nationals got Jonathan Niese out of the ballgame in the fifth inning on July 17, but Saturday the Mets took advantage of Edwin Jackson. Ike Davis hit a two run home run as the Mets cruised to a 2-0 victory. We need the LA Dodgers to beat Atlanta, 1:35 et on TBS. But most would like to see Nats Mets, 1:35 et on MASN for DC fans and SNY for Mets fans. Also, entertain yourself for CO and FL readers to watch ROOT in Denver and FSFL in South Florida, and tomorrow see PHI vs CIN on CSN Philadelphia and FSOH for Reds Fans. Ignite Your NATITUDE!

Concert never helps you score a run

Not a sweet game in Southeast DC. Third Eye Blind was in town,and the first-place Nats took on the third overall Mets. After the game, Third Eye Blind would rock the house.The Mets came up first, and Jon Niese, got plenty of run support as the Mets won 2-0. Today Jeremy Hefner and Gio Gonzalez go head-to-head. Ignite Your Natitude and Mattitude.

Grand Slam,Grand Win

Hello to my new readers in New York!  You are probably interested in the Mets game against the hometown Nationals.

“That ball is deep to right! See You Later! Grand Slam Michael Morse! 1st of the year! His 12th homer of the year puts the Nats on top 4-2! And the fans are calling him out for a curtain call!”

Wow. A big game. Washington Nationals vs. New York Mets.

Game summary:

  • Top 1 Ruben Tejada sharply  grounded out to the z-man. Daniel Murphy 2run single. 
  • Michael Morse in bot 4 hits a GS (12) to right-CF. 
  • Bot 5 Bryce Harper rockets one outta here (11) on a line drive to right center field. 
  • Top 6 Ronny Cedeno gets an RBI Ground out. 
  • Bot 7 Manny Acosta subs for Johan Santana and Jordany Valdespin plays LF.
  •  Top 7 Craig Stammen replaces Ross Detwiler. Kelly Shoppach homers (6, 1st as a Met.) on a deep fly ball to left field.
  • Tyler Clippard shuts the door on another Curly W for the MLB-leading Nationals.


The bad news is that the Braves pulled out an extra innings win over the West Coast first place Dodgers to keep the division tight,

Playing the Harp way. The right way.

I’m in Fairfax,VA for an exiting morning at Fairfax High School(or 3501 Rebel Run to the locals). A Nationals player is coming.  I answer some Bryce Harper questions at the 106.7 The Fan booth to claim a Who But W.B. Mason Collectible Truck, and then I put on my t-shirt and it said ” Bryce Harper Baseball Pro camp.”  Wait, this camp is for the 19 year old baseball fanatic and phenom your outfielder and All-star number 34 Brrrryce Harper!  There are kids here who are 14 years old, so there are people who are only FIVE years younger than him!  I really am crazy ’bout the Nationals and Nuts about the Nats.

 Just like Bryce, my brother was a no.1 draft pick and got a photo with Bryce, a SIGNED BALL ( though it only says “BH” on it) and a Pro camps hat.

 Bryce’s ERA has gone up A LOT! One guy in my game whacked a triple off him and a guy rocketed one right to his arm and…sadly Bryce missed it. Like Bryce earlier in the season, I got away with the no.3 spot and I blooped a super-high one for a hit, sharply knocked it down the 3rd base line. The cleanup hitter slightly lined it in to CF.  I ran to second base and clearly got my hand in. But there was the worst call by an umpire ever who said I was out and EVERYBODY on the other team yelled GET OUT OF HERE! YER OUT! Like Bryce I threw something. Not a ball, but a piece of equipment. Bryce used a bat and I used my helmet.

 The sponsors were Under Armor, Powerade, SUBWAY,, 106.7 The Fan, Pirates Booty, Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, and of course Washington Nationals and Pro camps worldwide.

My brother’s picture with Bryce Harper was on the news on the Internet:

He was also on TV on another channel taking a ground ball (1:00 min mark)

Party on Pratt Street: I was there

Though we sat in row 25, we were behind home plate and we saw the O’s cruise to get the victory. My great Dad and I drove the long 45 minutes up to the Charm City of Baltimore. They were playing the KC Royals. Tell you, those hot dogs
are really good! Dad got a Pork sandwich from Boog’s and I waited in line for Boog Powell’s autograph. He was an all-star 1st baseman in like 1987. During the 7th inning stretch, the bird waved the American flag and played the violin. The first pic is our view. The 2nd pic is me in the view. The third pic is the press box and the bird playing the violin. Kids run the bases line was about 2 miles long so we definitely didn’t go. What a clear, August 12 afternoon for a baseball game.

Perfecto, in Seattle for the second time

“King’s Court”at Safeco Field was overflowing with Felix Hernandez fans who wear either a crown or a Mariners hat and have a sign with a uppercase K with a crown. And everything is yellow. Yellow is not the Mariners team color. And then August 15 rolled around and 100 people crowded around King’s Court and he was perfect through eight innings. Than Sean Rodriguez had a 2-2 count in the Top of the ninth inning and… he got him looking. He did a Victory dance, and then got mobbed by the team. It was the first no-no perfecto in Mariners history. Wait, just how many strikeouts did he get? Oh right,12. Philip Humber, move down one at perfect games at Safeco. IGNITE YOUR MATTITUDE FOR nationals newspaper


What a beautiful Bumgarden! Meet our bumgardener Madison!

After getting crushed 14-2, the San Francisco Giants tipped their caps to the Nationals as they cruised to a 6-1 win.Madison Bumgarner threw a complete game.

In the Windy City the Astros dominated Chris Volstad, who last won at SUN LIFE STADIUM, THE HOME OF THE FLORIDA MARLINS!He was playing the Astros, and 568 pitchers have won a game since he last win on July 10,2011. 

Pinstripes galore! New York Yankees pitcher Hiroki Kuroda threw a complete game shutout, getting help from Nick Swisher ( who probably got called “Swishalicios” by the radio announcer) who homered and so did Mark Teixera.


A (not San Francisco) Giant Win.

Well, the top ERA spot in the NL fell out of Ryan Vogelsong, who got crushed by giving up 8 runs over 2 1/2 innings and the final was Gio Gonzalez’s Nationals 14 and Vogelsong’s poor offensive Giants only scored 2 runs at the final at the unbelievable 1:15 AM on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 Eastern, while it was hard to believe that it was 10:15 in San Francisco, the TIME THE GAME STARTED IN WASHINGTON DC! IGNITE YOUR MATTITUUUUDE FOR NATS NEWS!

Nationals FOURTEEN  Giants TWO

Marquis threw a 2 hitter. Marquee matchup in San Fran.

Ryan Vogelsong ( 10-5) and the boys by the bay win a lot. Their only stumbling block is Gio Gonzalez (14-6). OK. Enough with the pitchers. Oh right, this article is about pitchers so why did I say that? Don’t know. The Nationals broke their 9 game winning streak with a loss to Arizona yesterday  Ross Detwiler performed poorly as Arizona cruised to the win category.