Playing the Harp way. The right way.

I’m in Fairfax,VA for an exiting morning at Fairfax High School(or 3501 Rebel Run to the locals). A Nationals player is coming.  I answer some Bryce Harper questions at the 106.7 The Fan booth to claim a Who But W.B. Mason Collectible Truck, and then I put on my t-shirt and it said ” Bryce Harper Baseball Pro camp.”  Wait, this camp is for the 19 year old baseball fanatic and phenom your outfielder and All-star number 34 Brrrryce Harper!  There are kids here who are 14 years old, so there are people who are only FIVE years younger than him!  I really am crazy ’bout the Nationals and Nuts about the Nats.

 Just like Bryce, my brother was a no.1 draft pick and got a photo with Bryce, a SIGNED BALL ( though it only says “BH” on it) and a Pro camps hat.

 Bryce’s ERA has gone up A LOT! One guy in my game whacked a triple off him and a guy rocketed one right to his arm and…sadly Bryce missed it. Like Bryce earlier in the season, I got away with the no.3 spot and I blooped a super-high one for a hit, sharply knocked it down the 3rd base line. The cleanup hitter slightly lined it in to CF.  I ran to second base and clearly got my hand in. But there was the worst call by an umpire ever who said I was out and EVERYBODY on the other team yelled GET OUT OF HERE! YER OUT! Like Bryce I threw something. Not a ball, but a piece of equipment. Bryce used a bat and I used my helmet.

 The sponsors were Under Armor, Powerade, SUBWAY,, 106.7 The Fan, Pirates Booty, Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, and of course Washington Nationals and Pro camps worldwide.

My brother’s picture with Bryce Harper was on the news on the Internet:

He was also on TV on another channel taking a ground ball (1:00 min mark)

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