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Sorry I haven’t been writing on my blog last week. I have a lot going on with with school and my lung cancer fundraiser. But there is a lot to update you on.  So here’s a little heads-up on what’s happened in the past week and more.  I am saving the best piece of news for last, so be sure to read all the way through.

Matt’s Bats Ranks #32 of MLB Pro Blogs for September

Last month, Matt’s Bats debuted as an MLB Pro Blog and came in #45 in popularity.  Making the Top 50 is pretty good in the first month.  In September, I moved up 13 spots to #32!  I happened to beat the blog that Orioles pitcher Jason Hammel writes, which came in at #39.

DC Internet Baseball Writer’s Association Awards

The DC Chapter of the Internet Baseball Writer’s Association published its 2013 Player Achievement Awards.  I voted in the survey.  You can see my First Place votes and how that compared to the winning First Place votes.  To see all the winners, CLICK HERE.

Goose Goslin Most Valuable Player Player most valuable to the success of the Washington Nationals Jordan Zimmermann  Jayson Werth
Walter Johnson Starting Pitcher of the Year Excellent performance as a starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann  Jordan Zimmermann
Frederick “Firpo” Marberry Relief Pitcher of the Year Excellent performance as a relief pitcher Tyler Clippard  Tyler Clippard
Sam Rice Hitter of the Year Excellence in all-around hitting, situational hitting and baserunning Ian Desmond  Jayson Werth
Frank Howard Slugger of the Year Excellence in power hitting Jayson Werth  Jayson Werth
Joe Judge Defensive Player of the Year Excellence in fielding   Ian Desmond  Denard Span
Mickey Vernon Comeback Player of the Year Player who overcame biggest obstacle in the preceding season to contribute on the field Drew Storen  Wilson Ramos
Josh Gibson Humanitarian Player of the Year Player who meritoriously gave of himself to the community Ian Desmond  Ryan Zimmerman
Minor League Player of the Year Minor league player most destined for big league success Zach Walters  Lucas Giolito

Baseball Season over for the Tigers


My little league team, the Tigers, finished the season strong with a win over the Pirates, 9-4. Our record was 4-2-1.  I played right field and catcher in our last game of the fall season, and I almost threw out who was trying to steal third from the catcher spot.


As you probably know, I’m raising money for lung cancer in memory of my grandfather. I am so grateful that so many people have supported me by donating money to this cause. You can donate here or sign up to participate in the Breathe Deep DC 5K walk on the National Mall on Sunday, November 3.

Also, please read my post about why I am raising money for lung cancer.

My goal was to raise $5,000.  I thought that was a big goal and a massive challenge.  I loved my grandfather so much that I want this terrible disease to be cured. I thought that $5,000 was so much money, but that is what is needed to defeat something so terrible.  Even though lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer in the U.S., it does not get a lot of money for research.

So how am I doing?  Well, let’s check the thermometer:


Like Harry Caray would say, “Holy Cow!”

My goal was to raise $5K for the 5K.  I actually hit that on Friday night, October 18 (which was a special day to reach this goal).  And then….

One anonymous donor who doesn’t want me to use his name matched my $5,000 goal by donating $5,000 and brought me up to $10,834! As of now, I have raised more money for the event than anybody else!

That is a ridiculous amount of money.  Thank you so much to everyone who has given.  Even though I never thought I would raise $5,000, and I actually passed my goal by $5,834, you can still donate sign up to walk with us HERE.

I’d like to recognize the people who donated in this post (as of Sunday night):

@MattsBats and Family
Arlene Eisner
Arnold & Estelle Spring
Aunt Roberta Schoenbrun
Becky Gordon
Bob and Sharon Buck
Chuck, Jessica, Sam, Ben and Josh Myers
David, Melanie, Ben, Charlie & Lenny
David, Zach, Erika and Josh Bauml
Dorothy & Happy Eiglarsh
Elaine Berkowitz
Felicia and Andrew Berkowitz
Gail Eisner
Hanna & Opa
Holly Lerner
Howard Spring
Jaime, Melissa, Molly and Jordan Rosen
Jonathan Feng
julia payne
Lane Saffian
Laura Roose
Michael and Ana Lucia Eisner
Mitch & Evie Mitchel
Mitchell Lieberwoman
Mr. Irving and Lynda Grenman
Mr. Kevin Leaptrot
Ms. Adele Tarran
Nora and Howard Lynn
Randi and Max
Ruth Fischer and family
Ruth Seif
Sammy and Jack
Scott and Becky Freedman
Suzy and Jack Welch
The Brickman Family
the Jangers
The Sager Family
The Schultz Family
Troy Gaston
Your Woodstock Hosts

That’s all for today, Monday, October 21.  No MLB baseball until the start of the World Series on Wednesday, when the Boston Red Sox take on the St. Louis Cardinals.  Also, check back later this week where I will be sharing some details for a really cool baseball-related charity event.

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