It’s Happening Right “Meow”

The sideline reporter has one of the toughest job in baseball. They have do interviews with baseball stars on live television while running the risk of getting pranked or doused with Gatorade. That is a lot to deal with. If you haven’t seen yet, Gio Gonzalez substituted the word “meow” into an interview with sideline reporter Dan Kolko.

Watching this hysterical video inspired me to go out and find some other funny sideline interviews.  Here’s my list of the funniest interviews conducted by sports reporters and players!

Football Freak

Coy Wire, a former cornerback and safety for the Atlanta Falcons, had a little fun with the Falcons Cam Reporter, Niki Noto. Pretending to become ready for an interview with Roddy White, a Wide Receiver for the team, Wire came out and scared Noto, wearing a creepy Halloween mask that made him look like a ghostly member of Kiss.

Blithe Basketball Bombs

This video is a collection of times basketball players (most notably Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh) videobombed interviews either pregame or postgame in the 2012-13 season. These are all hilarious.  My favorite part is when Lebron James makes a funny face and sound in his photo bomb, around the 17 second mark.

Japanese, Jelly, Juice

This is one you may have seen before, when Blue Jays shortstop Muenori Kawasaki did an interview that was supposed to be with Mark DeRosa. After he says some words in surprisingly good English, he gets pied and doused in Gatorade “Julie Alexandria style.” It’s a funny video.

Funny Fencing

kmWhile Twins legend Bert Blyleven tries to give an interview to the MLB Network, in the background you can see two Twins players fencing with baseball bats. It was so funny it was used for MLBN’s Intentional Talk Irrelevant Video of the Day. I think this one is very funny, and so did Kevin Millar and Chris Rose.

Hilarious Harvey

This clip is really funny. In honor of the 2013 All-Star Game, Jimmy Fallon sent NL Starting Pitcher Matt Harvey across New York to ask what the people thought about Matt Harvey. It was  really funny to see what the people thought about Harvey when they didn’t know that he was standing next to them. It is also funny to see the reactions of the interviewees once he actually revealed his identity.

Striewski Snags A Slider

Last year, the Boston Red Sox visited Toronto to play the Blue Jays.  Casey Janssen (current Nat!) induced a pop fly to either Edwin Encarnacion or Dioner Navarro. Instead of staying on the field, the ball sailed into the camera-well where reporter Gary Striewski made a nice one-handed catch.  Flashback! Let’s take you back to 2012, where F.P. Santangelo caught a foul ball in the press booth at Fenway Park.

Bro Boogie

While the Houston Astros were in Anaheim, the TV broadcast showed a man dancing. After they got back to David Martinez and Erick Aybar on the field, one of the CSN Houston announcers told Julia Morales, the sideline reporter for the team, that the man in the background was actually Morales’s brother. I think it was a total coincidence, but watch this funny clip and you can decide for yourself.

Summer Sprinkler

Before the Tampa Bay Rays took on the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park, Emily Jones did a quick sideline report. A Texas squad featuring Nelson Cruz and Elvis Andrus threw a towel on top of the camera, but Jones had a water sprayer used for the blistering Texas heat. She squirted Cruz and Andrus, and the Rangers took the field, but they must have had a curse of the water, as the Rays won 8-4.

Did you like my selections? If I missed any please comment or tweet me @MattsBats. Go Nats! And just to let you know, there are 24 days until the Nats start playing baseball!


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