Harper. Harper. Harper. Harper tossed

August 29 was a day of ups and downs for Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper. In the 4th and 6th innings, he smashed a HR. In the 9th inning, Steve Cishek got into a double play situation with one out. The score was 8-4 thanks to Washington, so it didn’t care. He hustled so hard it was a tight match. The umpire said Cishek won. Harper threw his batting helmet and then he got ejected from the game. Davey Johnson didn’t like Harper’s reaction. Then the very next day, Harper hit a homer. I’m glad it even went over the fence. It almost went through the fence. Today can Harp do it again? He’ll face Adam Wainwright, so it’ll be tough! Nats 8 STL 1.

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