Beltran’s Big Bombs in Baseball City

St Louis has been nicknamed ” Baseball City USA”.  That was before the pickups of Yadier Molina, David Freese, Allen Craig, and the Carlos Beltran trade. They helped St Louis get to the 2012 Postseason and end Kris Medlen’s streak of 22 consecutive wins for Atlanta. T-Mo, Tyler Moore, was the ” Comeback Player of the Game” on Sunday, going 1-1 with a 2 RBI single ( he advanced to second on the throw). But all through two in Saint Louis, a strip of sunlight went 30 feet from the mound. The rest was complete shade. But 1 player hit 2 big flies. His name is Carlos Beltran.  In fact, in a span of  7 games, 3 of them were against the Nats and he hit FOUR home runs. 
It was a bad game, but my brother and I had company over to “watch” the Nats game.
W CHEN (1-0) L PETTITE (0-1) S JOHNSON (1)
W LYNN (1-0) L ZIMMERMANN ( 0-1) 

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