Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Phillies All-Star catcher Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz got banned 25 games for taking Amphetamine, a MLB-banned drug that improves energy. Ruiz admitted his use of Amphetamine, and accepted his 25-game suspension. Ruiz’s suspension starts at the beginning of the 2013 regular season. However, he will be able to play in the 2013 spring training. April games are usually less important than September games, but it gets the Phillies off to a slower start.  But the Giants went on to win the World Series without Melky Cabrera, the All Star Game MVP, who was banned for 50 games for taking steroids, so Chooch’s suspension may not hurt the Phils that much in the long run.  And for Nationals fans, it matters even less– Washington does not play Philadelphia until May 24 (after the suspension).

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