Game 5 All Over Again

The Washington Redskins surrendered to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Wild Card game. The Redskins scored 2 touchdowns in the first quarter but the Seahawks chipped away at the lead during the other 3 quarters exactly like the Saint Louis Cardinals did in NLDS Game 5 against the Nats.  Let’s call this “TOGTSNBM”(The Other Game that Should Not be Mentioned).

Also, the Skins’ star quarterback Robert Griffin III got hurt with 4 minutes to go. Griffin, a rookie, was the Redskins’ equivalent of Stephen Strasburg, the Nationals’ superstar rookie hurler.  Like RGIII, who suffered a knee injury several weeks ago in the regular season, Stras was injured during his rookie season and had to sit out the rest of his first year.  Stras underwent Tommy John surgery in 2011 to repair his injured arm.  Last season was his first season back and Mike Rizzo shut Strasburg late last season to allow him to properly heal and to prevent doing further damage.  There was a lot of discussion on whether that was the right move, since the Nats surprisingly were sitting at the top of the Division (and all of MLB) by September and about to make their first trip to the postseason.  Rizz stuck to his guns and Stras’ season was over by mid-September.

Should Mike Shanahan and the Redskins front office have shut down RGIII down too?  Should he have been pulled from the game earlier after he seemed to tweak his knee?  My opinion is that RGIII should have been pulled from the game sooner before he suffered a greater injury in the 4th Quarter.  RGIII was not playing like he did last week against the Cowboys and now he may have a harder recovery. 

People all over Washington have been cursed with their sports teams’ playoff berth by losing the first series or game. As in the post On Last Night…And 2012, I said that the loss would haunt Washington all winter. This will double, maybe triple haunt sports fans all over Washington. But next year the Redskins will have the taste in their mouths just like the Nationals, and hopefully it will fill them with energy to win, win, win!  The Seattle Seahawks will face more “birds”- the Atlanta Falcons, next Sunday.  And in better news, OPENING DAY IS ONLY 85 DAYS AWAY!!!

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