It was a " Fantastic FANale" yesterday.

  • The 2012 regular season slid in to home plate with the A’s and the Rangers squaring off and an Orioles must-win vs. the Rays. But since the Phillies are in the town, there will be a summary of all three.
  • Darin Ruf of the Phils flew out and scored Carlos Ruiz.
  • Off Cliff Lee, the Z-man did what he did 24 times before in 2012, trotting.
  • Tyler Moore hit a double and scored Morse.
  • Tyler Moore struck back, hitting his 10th homer of the year.
  • Michael Morse did extend-o arms and hit his 18th big fly of 2012.

And then Michael Martinez flew out to Corey Brown to end the game and the Phillies’ season.

  • Brandon Moss of the Oakland A’s hit a double off the Rangers’  Ryan Dempster
  • Adrian Beltre singles and scores Ian Kinsler.
  • Michael Young scored Josh Hamilton on a two-bagger.
  • Derek Norris homered for the 7th time as an A.

And then when Michael Young flew out, Grant Balfour did a yes dance.

P.S. The Yankees won the AL East on a 14-2 win over the Red Sox and a O’s loss to the Rays due to 3 Longoria big flies

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