2013 Topps are Out for Sale

You know baseball season is right around the corner because the 2013 packs of Topps Baseball Cards are now on sale at your favorite retailer.  I love baseball cards.  I like reading about the players’ stats.

My brother and I play a game that we made up with our cards.   We put the cards on a mat that looks like a baseball diamond and pretend there is a real baseball game going on.  Each player on the card “plays” his real position, but we mix up the teams so we can create our own dream teams. 

Sometimes I make up funny names for our ballpark.  Now our stadium is called the Baconator Centre. It’s inspired by the Rogers Centre, where the Toronto Blue Jays play, and the Wendy’s cheeseburger.  Our stadium has an imaginary retractable roof.  I would like to visit the real Rogers Centre one day.

I can’t wait to open a new 2013 pack to get 10 additions to my card team.  Maybe I will get a Bryce Harper card, like the one above. Or maybe I’ll get Span or Soriano in their new Nats uniforms.  Good luck for 2013!

61 Days until opening day

14 Days until pitchers and catchers report 

17 Days until everyone reports

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