Why I Am Voting #DesiIn13

 Ian Desmond deserves to be named to the 2013 All Star team.  He has been the Nats most valuable player this year, like he was last year too.  He was named to the All Star team last year, but he couldn’t play because he was injured.  So it is only fair that he get his chance in the spotlight this year.  Also, the rule is that every team sends at least one player to the All Star Game, and other shortstops Everth Cabrera and Jean Segura were named the only representatives from the Padres and the Brewers, so they basically took Desmond’s spot.

There are 3 ways that fans can help him get to the All Star Game this year.  First, you can vote online by going here: VOTE HERE.  Second, you can text N1 to 89269.  Or, third, starting at 10:00am, you can go on Twitter and send a tweet that has the hashtag #DesiIn13 and it counts as a vote.  The voting ends at 4:00pm.
As of right now, Ian Desmond is 4th in the fan Final Vote behind Freddie Freeman, Yasiel Puig, Hunter Pence and Adrian Gonzalez. That is a little strange because Desmond is the best player compared to the other contenders.  Here are his stats as of Wednesday morning compared to the others:

Desmond .278 15 49 10 .815
Freeman .305 9 56 0 .848
Gonzalez .298 13 57 0 .829
Pence .267 13 43 13 .768
Puig .407 8 19 5 1.101

The Braves have a lot of fans across the South; Puig is a fan favorite because of all the hype he gets; I learned on my trip to San Francisco that Giants fans love Hunter Pence and they have a lot of people on Twitter; and Gonzalez, well, he’s in last place but probably has a lot of Red Sox fans who vote for him.  Here is a chart that shows how the country is voting and Braves Country gives him a lot of votes.  


Everybody has their own reason for voting for Ian Desmond, but my reason is because Ian Desmond is a role model for me and has encouraged me like no other player has!  Here are some examples of how good Ian Desmond has been to me and the support he has given to my sportswriting, and why I think you should vote for him too.  I said on Twitter earlier this week that if everyone across America knew how good Ian Desmond was to his fans that he would get 100% of the final vote.  This is the proof.

In January, Ian started reading my posts on MattsBats.com and helped me get noticed by other fans and by famous sportswriters.

Ian Desmond reads my posts and gives me encouragement to work hard and be the best.
 I met with him at NatsFest and he introduced me to some people.

Back in February when I was in the green room before my first ever live TV interview, Ian Desmond gave me some tips on how not to be nervous.  
Then, at another game after I did another post-game show interview on Fox, Ian Desmond told me that he saw me on TV in the clubhouse and that I did great.   

I talked with him at Spring Training and before some games.  He signs autographs for fans before almost every home and road game.  
He wore a Matt’s Bats t-shirt on TV when being interviewed by the media after a game.

These are some of the reasons I voted for Ian Desmond like a million times to be an All Star.  I would be very thankful if you did the same.


Everyone who reads this should tweet to me @MattsBats with a copy of the link and use #DesiIn13, I will retweet you.  That will count as 2 votes: your first tweet and my retweet.

P.S., the Nats are teaming up with the Yankees, who have relief pitcher David Robertson in their final vote.  You can vote for him the same way (online, texting A3 to 89269, or tweeting #HighSocksForVotes).



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