Matt’s Bats Debuts on Top 50

As readers know, on August 20, made its debut on MLBlogs Network and I became a pro blogger.

A link to my Pro Blog website was featured on the MLBlogs after it launched. Soon it should be listed in the MLB Pro Blogs index.MLBlogs homepage

MLBlogs just released its Latest Leaders list of the Top 50 blogs on the MLBlogs Network.  And guess who placed in the Top 50!  Even though I only started writing on MLBlogs on Aug. 20 and published only 2 posts in the month of August, Matt’s Bats was one of the top 50 most viewed Pro blogs on the network (#45)!

Thanks to everybody who reads my posts.  It was awesome to get that much recognition in 15 days! The blog has been so successful and educational for me. Keep reading and retweeting my blog posts and I hope to make the Top 50 again in September.  I will keep writing about the Nationals and baseball in general through the playoffs and World Series, the offseason, spring training and, of course the World Series-winning 2014 season! Go Nats!


Nationals vs. Marlins


Thanks @FakeFP



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  1. Congrats! Wish my blog could make it there. ( – I just started it.) You totally deserve it. Keep doing great things!

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