Will There Be a Historic Red Sox Win?

BostonRedSox_B2If the Red Sox beat the Cardinals tonight or tomorrow in Game 6 or 7 of the 2013 World Series, it would be the first time they clinch a World Series title at Fenway Park since 1918!  95 years ago!

To give you a sense of how historic that would be:

  • The starting pitcher for the Red Sox in Games 1 and 4 of the 1918 World Series was….BABE RUTH!
  • The team the Red Sox was playing in the 1918 World Series was the Chicago Cubs.  The CUBS!  It was a match-up of two of the most “cursed” teams in baseball.  The Sox beat the Cubs in six games.
  • After they traded away Babe Ruth, the Red Sox wouldn’t win another championship for 86 years!
  • That’s not as bad as the Cubs, who haven’t won a Series since 1908!  Over 100 years!
  • The next World Series played in 1919 would go down in history as the famous “Black Sox” “fix” game by the White Sox.
  • When the Sox won in Fenway Park, which is now the oldest ballpark in baseball, it was only 6 years old!
  • And if you think Fenway Park was the new ballpark, Wrigley Field was only 4 years old!  And it wasn’t even called Wrigley Field.  It was called Weeghman Park.  And the Cubs only moved in 2 years earlier.

I am hoping for a historic win for Boston!

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