The Anaheim Angels sign free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton. He signed a 5-year, $124m contract. Hamilton was a MVP back in 2010 and was a big name in the free agent market. The biggest. 

Facing Hamilton will not be fun for pitchers in the AL West, but many of them know him and his approach from Texas (except the ones from the Houston Astros, who are joining the AL from the NL this year).  Anyway, I feel bad for former Nats 3B coach Bo Porter who is starting next season as the new Astros manager– his first time managing in the major leagues.

This is a big loss for the Rangers, but they won’t have to worry too much because they have rising star Jurickson Profar

Who will Texas get to replace Hamilton in the meantime?  Is it Profar?  Or will they make a run for Michael Bourn?  

Or maybe Nationals fans should worry that they’ll take a look at Adam LaRoche and his big left handed bat to replace Hamilton. I hope the Nationals sign him soon!

The Angels have put together a pretty huge lineup, including Albert Pujols and Mike Trout, and now Josh Hamilton too!

With the Dodgers and Angels both going on big spending sprees this offseason, it looks like the road to the World Series goes through Los Angeles.  It makes the Miami Marlins-Toronto Blue Jays dealings seem small.

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