Hi Danny Espinosa!!!

Something really exciting happened yesterday.  I saw on Twitter that Danny Espinosa’s girlfriend posted pictures of Danny handing out gifts to poor children.  He has a big, black, bushy beard now that makes him look like Brian Wilson.  But the kids he was giving presents to probably thought that he was more like Santa Claus.

I posted a tweet saying that Danny would like to read my blog because I’m a super huge Nats fan.  He’s an excellent defensive player and has a big swing that sends balls flying.  He’s the only switch hitting infielder on the Nats.  (Did you know that Drew Storen is also a switch hitter, but he is the closer and so he never gets to bat).


This is super exciting for me to have a professional player check out my blog.

For those of you who don’t know, Danny Espinosa #8, is the Nationals’ starting 2B.  He is one half of the deadly 6-4-3 double play with SS Ian Desmond.  We call this “Des-pinosa“!

Here is one of the best memories I have of watching Danny play.

It happened to be on my birthday last season when he sparked the lead on the three run homer, followed by Bryce Harper’s homer hit so fast and far Bob Carpenter said “Well, you can kiss that baby goodbye!”  I wrote a post about that back in August

He also hit a clutch home run in the 10th inning of the “Game That Should Not Be Mentioned” (the GTSNBM) on July 20.  But the Nationals still lost 11-10 against the Braves.  Even though they were winning by 7 runs in the 7th.  He got us make in the game in extra innings, but it wasn’t enough.  (But the Nats still beat the Braves to be NL East Champs with the best record in baseball!!!!)

So now a professional player checks out MattsBats.com!  Maybe he will tell all his friends on the team to read it too and follow me on twitter– how awesome would that be.  And I will know he actually reads my blog if he follows me on twitter at @MattsBats if he has twitter.  (I think he does because once he posted that he was giving away free tickets at Baja Fresh and I wanted my parents to drive me there).  It would be so awesome to get a #FF of MattsBats from Danny Espinosa and the other Nationals!

This is a picture my dad took of Danny Espinosa in 2011.  If he is at NatsFest, we are going to try to get it autographed!

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