Matt’s Bats Twitter Wishlist

I have been writing my blog almost every day since July, and I’ve been on Twitter only for about a month.  So far, thousands of people have seen my website and I have 34 followers on Twitter.  But I want more!

Here is my “Follow Friday” Twitter wish list:

10. @teddy26nats Racing President Teddy
(He was a loveable loser)
9. @IanDesmond20 Ian Desmond
(He is great with the fans and always signs autographs before the game)

8. @thisisdspan Denard Span
(He was the Nationals’ #1 choice to play CF and I’d like to get to know him better) 
7. @Pudge_Rodriguez Ivan Rodrriguez
(He was my brother’s favorite player on the Nats.)
6. @CharlieSlowes Charlie Slowes
(The Voice of the Nationals who gave us this EPIC call)

5. @FightinHydrant  F.P. Santangelo
(He gives great commentary and he’s also really funny.  “There goes the no-hitter!”)
4. @stras37 Stephen Strasburg
(When he got hurt and couldn’t pitch, he was very patient and worked hard to get well soon)
3. @Nationals Washington Nationals
(They’re the official Twitter of my favorite baseball team)
2. @GioGonzalez47 Gio Gonzalez
(He works hard but always seems to be having fun) 
1. @Bharper3407 Bryce Harper
 (He’s a role model for being so young and accomplishing so much)
There are actually lots of people I admire who I would love to follow me, but these are just a few.  Maybe I can get them to follow me today! 

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