My Reward: Baseball Cards

This has been a pretty busy week for me.  I had a bunch of appointments with an orthodontist over the past few weeks and this week I got an appliance put in called a palate expander.  I was nervous while they were doing it, but I had earbuds in and was listening to music on my iPhone (it’s not really a phone so it is like an iPod Touch).  The doctor put the expander in just as Thunderstruck by AC/DC came on.  That’s the song they play at the beginning of the Nationals games.  It gave me the confidence I needed.

I am getting used to the expander.  It feels funny in my mouth and it makes it hard to eat and talk for now. 

So how does this relate to baseball?  After I was done at the dentist, my mom took me to Target to get 2013 baseball cards. My 2 first packs of the 2013 cards!  I got…

  1. Wilson Ramos, catcher for the Washington Nationals.
  2. Jordan Pacheco, third baseman for the Colorado Rockies.
  3. Austin Kearns, outfielder for the Miami Marlins.
  4. Scott Feldman, pitcher for the Texas Rangers.
  5. Ian Kennedy, pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks
  6. Henry Rodriguez, second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds
  7. Joey Votto, first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds
  8. Ryan Howard, first baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies
  9. Dustin Ackley, second baseman for the Seattle Mariners
  10. Scott Hairston, outfielder for the San Diego Padres
  11. Will Middlebrooks, third baseman for the Boston Red Sox
  12. Sean Doolittle, pitcher for the Oakland Athletics
  13. Mike Olt, third baseman for the Texas Rangers
  14. Alex Gonzalez, shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers.
  15. Felipe Paulino, pitcher for the Kansas City Royals.
  16. Dylan Bundy, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.
  17. Adrian Gonzalez, first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  18. Paul Konerko, first baseman for the Chicago White Sox
  19. Heath Bell, pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks
  20. Ted Lilly, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers
  21. Ryan Vogelsong, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants
  22. Hanley Ramirez, third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers
  23. Felix Hernandez, pitcher for the Seattle Mariners
  24. Trevor Bauer, pitcher for the Cleveland Indians

Other than Wilson Ramos, my favorite cards were #16 Dylan Bundy and #19 Heath Bell.   I am thinking about trying to get autographs on them.  Maybe some of them I will send to them and ask them to sign them, but I am a little nervous about not getting them back or not being able to play with them.

BY THIS TIME NEXT WEEK, Spring Training will officially be underway and I can start reporting news again on Matt’s Bats.

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