Weaver Wednesday: Bob Melvin Goes Monkey Tilt Over Bad No-HR Call

Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin was ejected from Wednesday’s game in Cleveland. He argued with crew chief Angel Hernandez on a so-called double that Hernandez said hit below the yellow line on the outfield wall and stayed in the park. The call was important because the score was 4-3 Indians in the 9th inning.  If it was a home run, the A’s would have tied it.

The A’s batter, Adam Rosales, couldn’t believe it. Check out the replay for yourself.

Check out this link if you can’t see the video.

The replay shows the ball hit over the yellow line and was a home run for the As that should have tied the game 4-4.  But having the umps review the call didn’t help the 2012 AL West Champs get the points up on the scoreboard even though EVERYONE– Sportstime Ohio, CSN California, KGMZ, and WTAM and of course, Progressive Field got the call right.  Only the MLB umpires got the call wrong. The A’s ended up losing the game because of an obvious miscue by an umpire. Bob Melvin got thrown out of the game too for arguing a bad call!  Bob Melvin had a similar reaction to that as Jim Leyland had on Memorial Day 2012 in Boston.

After the game, A’s pitcher Jarrod Parker tweeted just one word- Embarrassing. 

This bad umpiring comes a few days after Bryce Harper was ejected from the Pirates game for no good reason.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH MLB UMPS THESE DAYS AND THEIR BAD CALLS?  They are supposed to make the game fair, but they’re making them unfair by throwing people out for no reason and taking away obvious home runs.

As more and more technology is being built, should Major League Baseball update Instant Replay?  I thought it was a homer.

Now that I’ve told you about this, what do you think?  Check out the video above, and whatever you see please tweet to me at @MattsBats, or leave me a comment at the bottom of this page.



DOUG FISTER (4-0, 2.48 ERA) VS. DAN HAREN (3-3, 5.01 ERA)


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