Bryce’s First Home Run Derby

Bryce Harper took part in the 2013 Home Run Derby. Harper was the first National to ever participate in the Home Run Derby!

Bryce started Round 1 with 8 homers, the most of all National League hitters.  But A’s OF Yoenis Cespedes hit 17, the third highest in a single round in Derby history.  After that, there was a sense in the air that the “Cuban Missle of Hitting” would pull off a stunning victory.   The team captains put on a bad show in the first round, with Wright hitting 5 shots and Cano with 4; even past winner Tigers 1B Prince Fielder was eliminated in the first round after only hitting 5 home runs.  In the second round, Michael Cuddeyer hit 8 HRs, Chris Davis hit 4, Cespedes hit 6 and Harper hit 8. The Final Round was between Harper and Cespedes.  Bryce did an amazing job, jacking homers out of sight  – he was so close to getting the trophy! But you got to respect Yoenis Cespedes – he hit second and wound up hitting one more HR than Bryce. After that first round show, Cespedes kind of deserved the crown.  But Bryce tried his hardest, and showed baseball fans what NatsTown is all about.

I think it is special that Ron Harper, Bryce’s dad, pitched to him in the Home Run Derby. If I am ever a MLB player and I get selected to the Home Run Derby, I would want my dad to pitch to me.

MAX SCHERZER (13-1, 3.19 ERA) vs MATT HARVEY (7-2, 2.35 ERA)

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