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If Bryce Harper, Gio Gonzalez, and John Wall all want to wear your new product, you must be becoming a big hit! That happened to a company named LINEDWEAR (now known as LineUp), which makes DC-theme socks.

Will Simon, the founder of LINEDWEAR, started playing around with the design for these cool socks about 6 months ago. DC has some of the most recognizable monuments and buildings in the world, and while he was on his balcony overlooking the city, he got the idea to create something that captured the great DC skyline on something everybody could wear. The name LINEDWEAR came from a combination of the words SKYLINE and WEAR.

But why did he decide to make socks instead of hats or shirts or something else? It turns out he did some research and found that so many people love socks. And with guys like RGIII making unique socks so popular, landing on socks just made the most sense to him. He’s also found that designing socks gives him a lot of freedom to make countless color combinations possible.  He has designed socks in Nats, Caps and Redskins colors, as well Hoyas and Terps and other local college colors.  He started with DC sports themed socks because after living here for a few years, he noticed how DC has some of the most passionate and dedicated fans in all of sports. He noted that even if they’re not originally from the area, people still love supporting the great teams here. And even if you’re not a sports fan, there’s a sense of pride living in DC, so these socks give people a great way to express their patriotism and support for not just the teams, but the city too.

So how do you get these cool socks?  He’s still making them, but they should be available soon.  (Keep reading below for a chance to win them).  Will promised to send me a pair as soon as they’re ready.  For now, you can go to his Kickstarter page to help him raise the money he needs to finish making the full line of products.  If you do, he is offering good deals to people who support him.  Soon you will be able to buy the socks online and even in the Nationals team store, according to his Twitter.

LINEDWEAR socks now come in “one size fits most,” but soon he plans to make knee-high socks and even baby socks.  He also wants to add winter knit poofball hats, shorts, and wristbands to the collection.  He even plans to make socks for Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dallas, Boston, New York, New Orleans, and Miami.  Also, Will is planning to help charities with pink socks for the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and camouflage socks for the Wounded Warrior project.

Check them out at LINEDWEAR.COM KICKSTARTER and on Twitter @LINEDWEAR.


  •  I am going to put out a link to this post on Twitter.  All you have to do is retweet the link.  BUT you must follow both @MattsBats AND @LINEDWEAR.  Next week, LINEDWEAR will pick 5 winners and give them a free pair of socks!
  • ALSO, if you back his project on Kickstarter, he will pick someone to win 2 Presidents Club tickets for a Nats game.


ZACK GREINKE (8-2, 3.49 ERA) VS. GIO GONZALEZ (7-3 3.03 ERA)

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  1. It seems that Will Simon and Linedwear have completely ripped off another company, Strideline:

    The Linedwear design seems to be nearly identical to the designs Strideline have made for other cities. The socks appear to be identical to the Strideline sock in nearly every manner from the location of the logo, the strapped writing of the brand name across the heel and even the small L near the toe.

    I am no expert on design rights, but what Linedwear is doing seems to be counterfeit and possibly illegal. I am a DC native and huge sports fan, but the moral side of me thinks it is shady to completely rip off another company's design. I however do love the idea of city skyline socks and would love to see some DC ones made by Strideline or a more ethical company.

    Mr. Simon, this would be an excellent idea if you actually came up with it on your own.

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