Bring On September Natitude!

This is the start of Labor Day Weekend and bring on September!

School just started for me and at the same time the Nats have started playing baseball like school is in session.  They are focused and ready!  Jayson Werth is playing MVP ball like the Class President.  Ian Desmond and Anthony Rendon are playing textbook defense.RUTTY Bryce Harper is playing “Run Until They Tag You” like he’s playing at  recess, and Denard Span is always on “base.”

Tanner Roark and Ross Ohlendorf have stunned fans by becoming surprise star students.  Tyler Clippard is still the star student in the bullpen.

The class bell goes off when Stephen Strasburg throws a 99 mph firebomb at batter, but the air conditioning is on when Gio Gonzalez’s curveball freezes the hitter.  Jordan Zimmermann is getting straight A’s and leading the league with wins, and Dan Haren seems to have learned a lot too.

Right now, everything is going right!  The Nats may still be 6.5 games out of the second Wild Card spot and they need to keep playing really well if they want to keep playing in October.  But If the Nats finish off the season strong, what a comeback this will be!  I know I’ll be watching these exciting few weeks.

Also, keep an eye on this weekend’s Giants/Diamondbacks series.  As much as I am a Nats fan, we could also use some rooting for the Giants to hand the DBacks some losses.  The Nats have the chance to catch up or move ahead of the Diamondbacks for the second Wild Card spot.


Mets vs. Nats

Dillon Gee (9-9, 3.69 ERA) vs. Jordan Zimmermann (15-7 3.32 ERA)



Giants vs. D-Backs (0.5 games back of Arizona in WC)

Tim Lincecum (7-13, 4.55 ERA) vs. Randall Delgaldo (4-4, 3.87 ERA)

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