Nationals Are On A Spring Training Streak

cwpfvf30It’s Spring Training, so the scores in the games don’t count, but the Nats are off to a great start.  They’ve won all three of the games they have played.  They are on a “Viera Tear.”

For Spring opening day, the Nats traveled to Port St. Lucie where they beat the Mets 5-4.  Then they hosted Atlanta, won 16-15, in what Ian Desmond called a “dolly whopper.”  Yesterday they hosted the Marlins and beat them 10-3.

Today the Nationals took a bus Tampa across the state to take on Ivan Nova and the Yankees, a potential World Series matchup.

The Nationals have first ups and are expecting a win. I looked at New York’s lineup and I did not know some of the players. The Nationals starting lineup is Span, Espinosa, Moore, Hairston, Lobaton, Skole, Walters, Rhymes, and Perez. I think that the Nats will pull a win off. However, Ivan Nova is also looking very good, striking out the side in the 2nd. Zach Walters fell victim to Nova, breaking his 1.000 batting average with a strikeout.

The Yankees got on the board first with Kelly Johnson hitting a double off Ross Detwiler in the bottom of the second. Then, Zach Walters threw away an easy out on  bad throw and it scored two. Corbin Joseph also just hit an RBI single to make it 4-0 with runners on the corners and no outs.  After striking out Brett Gardner and throwing 35 pitcher, Matt Williams pulled Detwiler.  Derek Jeter grounded out in a double play off AAA reliever Danny Rosenbaum to end the inning.  Hopefully the Nats recover in the later innings.

The third inning is coming up, so I expect most of the starters to be pulled.  Detwiler’s afternoon is over.  Even with the Nats down early, it’s still a great activity to watch the Nationals-Yankees on MLB Network on a snow day.

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