Movie Review: Bryce Begins

Yesterday morning, I watched the brand new ESPN  documentary Bryce Begins. The movie is about Bryce Harper and his journey to the big leagues. It’s a good movie if you are interested in the live of MLB players and how they make it to the big leagues. The movie shows how tough Bryce is, and you won’t believe what Bryce did during the offseason to get stronger!  He worked with his dad, who is an iron worker, carrying heavy pieces of metal.  He also lifted very heavy weights at the gym.  Of course, he also takes a lot of batting practice.

My favorite part is when Bryce makes the move from Syracuse to become a big-league National.  You see behind the scenes when he meets with his family after his MLB debut in L.A. and talks to them during this awesome experience.

It was also cool seeing Bryce hit a monster 502 foot homer that hit the back of the dome at the Trop when he was 17.  That video on YouTube made him famous.

You also get to see his room in Las Vegas, which looks like an ordinary kid’s room.

Here is an interesting fact:  Bryce Harper used to play catcher. Could you believe a guy with all this power can be a catcher?

It may also surprise you that Jayson Werth, like Harper, is a catcher-turned outfielder.

Ryan Zimmerman is also in the movie.  Bryce talked about how Ryan was helpful to him when he was a rookie.  Another coincidence is that Bryce Harper’s mom and Ryan Zimmerman’s mom are both named Cheryl (Bryce’s mom is spelled Sheryl).

This was just a quick summary of the movie.  I encourage people to watch it.

Tonight’s game:



DAN HAREN (2-3, 6.29 ERA) VS. KRIS MEDLEN (1-3, 3.26 ERA)

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