Scouting Report- San Diego Padres

padresComing into the series against the Angels, I felt satisfied that the Nats would do well against them.  The Angels didn’t have the best record. On Tuesday, when Albert Pujols hit  a duo of homers, one being his 500th big fly, my feelinsg changed.  I felt that the Angels, who look great on paper but stink in real life, would win this series.

Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche did help the Nats take game 3 on a 9th inning rally. The last game of every series this homestand have all ended on walk-offs. In fact, 3 of the 4 home series this season have been decided by one run, the Nats beating the Braves 2-1, beating STL 3-2, and of course, the 5-4 win over Los Angeles last night.

Now that the tough series loss to the Angels is over with, we have found ourselves playing a team the Nats should be able to beat, the San Diego Padres.  I have already made a reservation to go to San Diego this summer, and we are planning to go to a game at Petco Park against the Cardinals.  But  that is still very far away.  So let’s talk about this series in DC.

The Bottom Line for Nats Fans:  Nothing seems to be going well for the Padres. San Diego has been very bad this season.  This is a chance for the Nats to sweep a four game series.  The Nats are currently 2.5 games behind the Braves in the NL East.  This is a chance to pull ahead, especially since the Braves are not playing tonight.  The Nats then play 2 games against the Houston Astros, another bad team.  Then they play Philadelphia.  So, this could be the start of a nice winning streak!



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