“Yu” Have To Be Kidding Me- An Eephus?

toronto-blue-jays-v-texas-20140517-003547-433I was at the Nationals vs Rangers game yesterday, and Yu Darvish struck out 5 batters in a row on his way to 12.  The 2nd batter he K’d in a row, Adam LaRoche, was on a 59-MPH curve that looked a lot like the mysterious eephus pitch that was invented in the 1940s by Rip Sewell.

Earlier this year, Darvish froze Adam Lind on a 63-MPH eephus.

Not only did Darvish throw the eephus to another Adam, Adam’s dad, pitcher Dave LaRoche threw, an eephus called the “LaLob.”

This is not the only time has seen a slow eephus.  Jayson Werth was caught looking on a 67-MPH eephus last year by Cubs starter Carlos Villanueva. It is very rare, and I think it is pretty cool that I was able to see it in person.


Here is the video if “yu” want to see it again:


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