Win A Copy Of Derek Jeter’s The Contract Here!

2014-09-08 Jeter ContractLast week, I wrote a review of Derek Jeter’s new kids book THE CONTRACT. Derek Jeter liked what I wrote about him so much that he put my post on his Facebook.

The book officially goes on sale on Tuesday, September 23, but Jeter Publishing and Simon & Schuster gave me a few extra copies to give away to Matt’s Bats readers.  They are really nice, new hard cover books that any kid (elementary or middle school) would like.
Here is how to get a free copy.  I made it like a contest with 2 different ways to enter and win:
  •  Send me a picture of your baseball-loving kid (son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, friend, or grandkid). If you are a baseball-loving kid, send a picture of yourself.
  • Tell me what your favorite Matt’s Bats post is. You can choose one from this year or go through the Archives to find another one (see the bar on the right side of the homepage).
  • If you don’t have a picture and don’t have a favorite Matt’s Bats post (if this is true what is wrong with you?), then send me a good reason why you should get the book.  Maybe you know a charity or school library that could use a copy.  I already donated one copy to my school library.

If you still really want a copy of Derek Jeter’s THE CONTRACT, but can’t wait to win one, buy one right now on

The best way to send me your entries it to send them to me on Twitter at @MattsBats.  If you don’t have a Twitter, you can also leave them as a comment on this post or send them in an email using the link at

As the Captain finishes off his home career on Thursday against the Orioles, he has started a new career in writing a series based on his childhood, and I think they will be widely popular.

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