Nationals GM Mike Rizzo Will NOT Be Going to Toronto

During NatsFest yesterday, the rumor started that the Toronto Blue Jays were considering hiring Mike Rizzo to be their CEO.  This caused a lot of concern for Nationals fans, because Mike Rizzo has built the Washington Nationals into a great team that has won the NL East two out of the past three years.

I saw Mike Rizzo after NatsFest and asked him about the rumor:



This was breaking news to a lot of Nationals fans.






It seems that Nats fans can have some relief.  The man who has traded Steve Lombardozzi, Zach Walters, Mike Morse, Tommy Milone, Matt Capps, Alex Meyer, and Cristian Guzman for Doug Fister, Asdrubal Cabrera, A.J. Cole, Gio Gonzalez, Wilson Ramos, Tanner Roark, and Denard Span will be staying here in DC.

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