I’m Invited To Cover Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports 2015 Awards!

kcs2015 Late Thursday night, after I was already asleep, TV giant Nickelodeon offered me media credentials and the chance to go to Kids’ Choice Sports Awards 2015 in Los Angeles!

Kids Choice Sports is an award show on Nick that gives kids the chance to vote their favorite sports stars for a wide variety of awards. A lot of famous sports stars will be there, including LeBron James, Mike Trout, Alex Ovechkin, and Peyton Manning, and more.  The show will be aired live from UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion on July 16, 2015 at 8:00 PM (ET) on Nickelodeon. For their second annual Legend Award, baseball legend Derek Jeter will be presented the Gold Blimp.

I’m really excited to go, but it is very expensive to travel to LA on short notice.  We have set up a page if you would like to help contribute.  I’ll have a private Instagram for donors where I’ll send pictures from the Orange Carpet. I’ll also write a super wrap-up post after.  Please contribute if you can.




Editor’s Note: Whether you have been following Matt online at MattsBats.com, his @MattsBats Twitter account, or through his weekly MASN guest blogger columns, you know that he has a keen eye for baseball and a unique perspective of the game through the eyes of a kid.  Matt writes Matt’s Bats as a hobby.  He does it for the love of the game and because he enjoys writing.  He does not receive compensation from MLB or MASN and receives none of the revenue from the ads placed on his website.  He writes Matt’s Bats out of enjoyment, not for profit.

Through his persistence, this budding journalist has achieved some amazing successes and been offered some incredible experiences, including behind the scenes tours of MLB ballparks, interviewing athletes, and befriending other fans and celebrities.  Now a remarkable opportunity has come up—Matt has been offered media credentials at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports 2015 awards in Los Angeles this coming Thursday.  Matt will be given access to the athletes and celebrities on the Orange Carpet and attend the awards show.  However, the opportunity does not include travel expenses.

As his parents and biggest fans, we’ve committed to rewarding him for his years of hard work by accepting the opportunity offered by Nickelodeon and Viacom. But last minute travel expenses are not insignificant. Therefore, we’re humbly appealing to Matt’s other fans to support him in this opportunity. His readership is notoriously generous, for example, helping him raise over $15,000 for charity in the past 2 years. If you’ve enjoyed Matt’s work, or want enable him to expand his horizons, please make a contribution. We will acknowledge contributors with whatever incentives we can muster.

Thanks again for your support!


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