Navy Yard Restaurants See Boom In Business During World Series

Restaurants in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington, D.C. saw a significant increase in business during the Nationals appearance in the World

The Navy Yard/Riverfront neighborhood of Washington. Photo via Urban Turf

Series, local business owners report.  

Restaurants in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington, D.C., saw an increase in sales of 218% in the month of October. These statistics were gathered by the financial analysis firm MarginEdge, and corroborated what business owners saw in sales. Some restaurant managing partners, like Tom Johnson of Willie’s Brew and Que, were surprised at the business created by the World Series. 

“Since this was the first World Series in D.C. since 1924, no one knew what to expect,” Johnson said. “The World Series was completely unlike anything else, and we definitely underestimated the turnout, which was huge.” 

Entrepreneurs who own businesses near Nationals Park made significant preparations to accommodate the influx of customers before World Series games by increasing staffing and food purchased. The time and resources allotted by business owners paid off, as they reported increases in sales and customers. Fritz Brogan, a managing partner of Mission Navy Yard, a bar located across the street from Nationals Park, saw these changes firsthand. 

“We served thousands of customers a day for the home games and for Game 7,” Brogan said. “It was extremely good for business and we loved the energy that fans brought.”

Ryan Zimmerman and Mike Rizzo celebrate with fans at The Salt Line after the Nationals won the NL Pennant. Photo via Eater DC

As the MLB playoffs are unpredictable, staff at local restaurants needed to adapt accordingly and work long hours. One restaurant that was impacted by extra-long hours is The Salt Line. The Salt Line, co-owned by Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman, was frequented by players, team staff, and on occasion, celebrities attending games or celebrating wins. General Manager Whitney Satra explained the necessary preparations for such an event.

“Our management team worked with our servers and bartenders to really take time to make the fans who joined us all year long feel special,” Satra said. “Those extra touches from our team were really appreciated and it was nice to see everyone celebrate together.”

Restaurants also made special preparations to allow patrons to celebrate the Nationals’ championship. Restaurants throughout the region created food and drink specials and held watch parties for both the games and for the parade. However, some establishments closer to the stadium took postgame celebrations to the next level. 

“As we saw the victory coming, we began to stock cases of champagne behind the bar and covering our DJ equipment,” Brogan said. “When the

Fans celebrate at Mission Navy Yard once the Nationals defeated the St. Louis Cardinals to win the NL Pennant. Photo via Washington Business Journal

game ended, hundreds of people were spraying beer and champagne and dancing on the tables!” 

Aside from the Nationals’ first World Series championship in franchise history, though, business owners in the Navy Yard had other reasons to celebrate. 

Johnson said, “During Game 7, we saw an increase in revenue of 900%.” 


Thank you to the three restaurants featured for speaking with The next time you are attending a game at Nationals Park, I recommend that you try the delicious food at:

Mission Navy Yard (Van Street SE and N Street SE)

Willie’s Brew and Que (Tingey Street SE and 3rd Street SE)

The Salt Line (First Street SE and Potomac Avenue SE)

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