2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Baseball Fans of All Ages

Say what you will about 2016. There were lots of historical events, some good and some bad. But as we end the year, it’s a time to exchange gifts and celebrate with family and friends.

If you happen to have friends or family members that enjoy the great sport of baseball (or really any sport!), than I just made your day. As an annual tradition, I am showcasing a few items that I think will make the best gifts for the baseball lovers you know. Check out my Gift Guides from 2015, 2014 and 2013 too because I still love the items I featured on them! (Note: MLB is migrating their website to Medium, so some of the pictures aren’t loading right now, but the links still work!)

So let’s take a look at these cool items for the 2016 holidays that will make perfect gifts.

Printstant Replays
nationals-werthquake_grandePrinstant Replays are really cool posters and t-shirts of the “greatest plays in sports history.” They cover every major American sport, and would make a great piece of art to hang in a man cave or bedroom. They feature a diagram of the play, the score, and a quote from the announcer.

My favorite for Nationals fans is Jayson Werth’s 2012 NLDS Game 4 walk-off poster, it says on the top “It’s a game winning, season saving home run for Jayson Werth,” the famed words of Charlie Slowes.

Stay tuned to my Twitter for a chance to win a couple of these awesome prints. You can also buy them online at, and at about $30, they are relatively inexpensive. And right now they have a buy one-get one free special. This would make a great gift for any sports fan you know.

Mascot Books
trolley-dodgersHerndon, Virginia-based Mascot Books is a company that allows authors from around the world to submit ideas for books that range from cultural cookbooks to books about sports teams. The company publishes three really good books that feature baseball or the local team, the Washington Nationals.

The first one, Trolley Dodgers, Pinstriped Yankees, and Wearing Red Sox, is a very interesting pitcure book about how MLB teams got their names and some interesting facts about the city they play in. The best part about it is that it is for young kids.

Also for younger kids is a biography of 2015 NL MVP Bryce Harper, called Glory Days Sports Biographies- Bryce Harper. It’s a picture history of Bryce, and his journey from the College of Southern Nevada to the Major League level. For Washington football fans, there’s also a Kirk Cousins book.

The third Nationals book I recommend is called Washington Nationals- A to Z and it is a history of the Nationals/Expos franchise featuring records, milestones, and important days. It’s for older readers.

Stay focused to my Twitter to have a chance to win a copy of Trolley Dodgers and the Glory Days Sports Biography- Bryce Harper. But you can also find them online for purchase here.

washingtonnats-skinSkinit makes cases and skins to customize your favorite electronic devices from your phone to your gaming system. They come in almost any design possible, from the MLB to the NCAA to Hello Kitty. lists over 200,000 different Skinits in every design for every device!

And even if your design is not on their website, you can customize one for yourself. I have a Nationals Skinit on my Playstation console and controller similar to this one (but mine is the Nationals’ alternate Stars and Stripes jersey in the picture to the left). You may be a little skeptical, but it’s actually very cool to see what your favorite devices look like after applying a Skinit to them. You can purchase these awesome cases and skins at or on

Ballpark Blueprints

nationals-park-t-shirtBallpark Blueprints are basically exactly what the name says: a “blueprint” of every MLB, NFL, and most major NCAAF stadiums, and even some arenas, soccer stadiums, and classic stadiums, as well.

They make t-shirts and poster-size blueprints of the exterior and interior of the ballparks and stadiums. Click here to check out the whole selection and you will definitely find the one that’s right for you. (I happen to like these two [1] [2] the best!).

For my Twitter followers, I have a giveaway! I have an adult size small t-shirt of Nationals Park that I am giving away to one lucky reader. But even if that lucky reader is not you, you can order one of these awesome shirts for any stadium at (where the selection is a little larger, including bags, calendars and coffee mugs) or order on Amazon.

Stance Socks
m558a16exp_blu_m_01-and-02Stance makes very cool socks and underwear that are officially licensed by the MLB and NBA. They have socks that represent every MLB team, and even some classic teams (like the Expos). You can even get some that pay tribute to MLB legends like Jackie Robinson or Nolan Ryan. If you can’t picture what I mean, take a look at a few examples by clicking on this link.

Take it from me- a kid around my age (12) would love a pair of Stance socks with their team colors. You can purchase Stance socks with team logos at or browse them in all different images and designs here.


scherzer-oyoOyo’s minifigures and sets are back for 2016! The company, which makes little figures of sports players in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA along with vintage players, has updated their roster with Daniel Murphy and Trea Turner in the Nats’ festive third jerseys, and a limited edition Max Scherzer Cy Young minifigure.

They also make limited edition items for the World Champion Chicago Cubs and AL Champion Cleveland Indians, as well as limited editions for all of the MLB award winners, like Scherzer. Buy yours today for the stocking at, or get them here.

BlastMotion Sensor

blast-baseball-360_mlbOK, this one is for all the real athletes! The Blast Motion Sensor is a sensor that you attach to the end of your baseball bat to track your swing and help you improve at hitting. This is a really neat tool. Using the Blast Motion sensor, you can see data about your swing speed, power, and swing direction so you can see the metrics of your swing. Think of it as Stat Cast in your bat!

All you have to do when you get the sensor is to charge it, pair it, attach it, and swing away. Whenever you hit the ball, it gives the statistics to an app that you can view after your hitting session is over. Learn more about the sensor at or buy it now using this link (about $145 with free Prime shipping on Amazon). They also make a $120 sensor for golf (to track your swing) and also one for basketball to track your shots, layups and dunks.

Axe Bat

axe-bat_mb50-l145eIn 2009, a guy chopping wood in upstate New York swung his axe. To him, it felt like swinging a baseball bat. He went to a sports manufacturer and they liked his idea. This gave birth to the Axe Bat, a baseball bat with a handle shaped like what you would find on, well, an axe. It’s become popular with many MLB players, such as Mookie Betts and Dustin Pedroia. They’re now made for hitters for all leagues, including youth and softball. Bats range from $300 for the 2017 HyperWhip Fusion model at the highest, to about $80 at the low end for youth size. A good middle of the road bat I like is the Element model. To view all of the bats, go to


baseballhitterspackage_pkg-bsbht1-01_1SKLZ is renowned around the sports world as a maker of great training equipment. The company makes equipment for soccer, football, basketball, golf, softball, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, tennis, and volleyball as well as baseball. As they say, you need more than a bat to improve your game. That’s why I’m recommending their batting trainer, for about $150.

Online or in your favorite sports store, you will find all kinds of SKLZ baseball training equipment, including nets, contact baseballs, tees, and swing trainers.

Super Stadium

super-stadiumFinally, in the Under-$50 category is the Super Stadium table-top baseball game. It’s kind of an old fashioned pinball type game, but that’s what makes it a fun alternative to electronic games played on tablets and video game systems.

This will keep smaller kids entertained, and even bigger kids too. The metal balls are surprisingly hard to hit with the lever. I had fun playing it with my brother. It was fun to actually interact with each other over the game.

I hope you have a phenomenal holiday season. For Nationals fans, let’s send our wishes to Mike Rizzo, as we would all love if he made a splash for a Christmas miracle like Daniel Murphy last year. And for all other baseball fans, I hope you have a good winter offseason and that Spring Training comes quickly! Happy holidays to all my readers!
I hope you like my 2016 Gift Guide. Remember to also check out my Gift Guides from 2015, 2014 and 2013 for other great recommendations. Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter which items you like best!


About the Time I Was Detained By The Secret Service…

img_1023On Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Donald Trump weren’t the only guests at the White House. was there, covering the ceremony by President Obama and Vice President Biden honoring the 2016 NBA Finals Champion Cavaliers. Although my knowledge of basketball is almost as little as Buck Showalter’s knowledge on how to use Zach Britton in a high stakes playoff game, it was still fun to watch the President honor a team for possibly the last time. But in the middle of this, something odd happened- I was sort of detained by the Secret Service.
Those five words put together might imply that I tried to hurt the President or Vice President. Nope. Here’s what happened.
It was a very busy day at the White House. President-Elect Donald Trump, Vice President-Election Mike Pence, and Future First Lady Melania Trump were visiting. There were A LOT of members of the press on site. It was pretty chaotic.

We had just finished setting up for the Cavaliers event. A White House staffer called for the media to leave the South Lawn and go back to the press briefing room and I followed the group back into the White House. As I walked back into the White House, a Secret Service officer with a rifle was watching the press walking by. He noticed that I didn’t have a press pass around my neck (when I checked in earlier I didn’t receive any credentials). The secret service officer yelled out to me “HEY WHERE’S YOUR PRESS PASS?” and he called me over. I (nervously) tried to explain how the security officer at the gate didn’t give me a pass and that my chaperone was still setting up equipment on the lawn. He didn’t buy my story and he escorted me to another area of the room.
I stood in the hallway of the White House, nervously trying to figure out how I was going to get out of this situation without getting in major trouble. I wanted to text my chaperone to get help but I was scared to make any sudden moves. It was the scariest moment of my entire life.
As I waited for more information, somebody famous walked out of another doorway and stood in the hallway next to us. I didn’t know who it was, but I could tell he was important because he was wearing a suit (with an American flag pin on his lapel) and he was followed by an entourage. I later figured out it was Ohio Governor and former Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich, who was also there for the Cleveland Cavs ceremony.

But there I was, in the hallway of the White House, trying to get back to the Cavs ceremony. After a few minutes another White House staffer saw me standing there, with a nervous expression on my face. Thankfully, this guy, a member of the White House Press Office, recognized me and vouched for me that I was supposed to be there. I was soon released and reunited with my friend.
The funny part is that this whole incident only lasted 5–10 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime.
So one day in the future when I’m talking to my grandchildren about what I did in my childhood, I can tell them that I was once detained by a Secret Service agent. Fun day!

2016 Postseason Predictions

2016-mlb-postseason-logoThe 2016 MLB playoffs, as you know, start tonight with the American League Wild Card game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays. In this post, I’ll share my predictions on who I think will take home the hardware when the Fall Classic comes around.

First of all, let’s look back to my predictions from before the season started.  From the National League, I had 100% record, picking the Nats, Cubs and Dodgers to win their divisions.  In the American League, I had the Blue Jays, Royals and Angels on top.

AL Wild Card- Baltimore Orioles vs. Toronto Blue Jays

 WINNER- Baltimore Orioles

The game is being played at Rogers Centre in Toronto, so the Jays will have home field at the huge stadium. However, the depth of the Orioles’ bullpen should be able to shut down the offense of the Blue Jays, and Chris Tillman should have a good outing tonight.  Expect lots of big hits from both teams.

NL Wild Card- New York Mets vs. San Francisco Giants

WINNER- New York Mets

This pick might not be popular with Nationals fans, but the Mets and Noah Syndergaard have a better overall roster than the Giants. The fall of the San Francisco squad in the second half shows that they aren’t playing at the top of their game, and I’m sure that the Mets will capitalize on that. However, it’s an even year, so the Giants always seem to be in the World Series.

American League DS 1- Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles

WINNER- Texas Rangers

Home field advantage in this series will be key, which is why I am picking the Rangers. The Rangers don’t have as much pitching depth, but the presence of veteran hitters like Ian Desmond, who is very familiar with the Orioles, and Jonathan Lucroy, will help them take down the Orioles.

American League DS 2- Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians

WINNER- Boston Red Sox

In Big Papi David Ortiz’s final season, I think that the Sox should cruise to victory against the Indians. The Red Sox, led on the mound by Rick Porcello and David Price, with Ortiz, Mookie Betts (possible AL MVP candidate), and Dustin Pedroia in the batter’s box, should take down the AL Central champs Cleveland. It won’t be easy though, as I predict it will take 5 games for the Red Sox to win.

National League DS 1- Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets

WINNER- Chicago Cubs

In a rematch of last year’s NLCS, I think that the Cubs, who lost the battle last season, will be victorious this year. The Cubs had the best record in the big leagues by a large margin, and I think that they will beat the Wild Card winning Mets in this year’s NLDS.

National League DS 2- Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 

WINNER- Los Angeles Dodgers

Wow, this is painful to say but I’m making an honest pick.  I’m taking the Dodgers.  I don’t feel that the Nationals can match the Dodgers’ depth in the field and on the mound, especially with Wilson Ramos and Stephen Strasburg being injured. Clayton Kershaw, Corey Seager, and Joc Pederson should take the Dodgers into the NLCS.  I think it’ll take a full five games, though.

American League CS- Texas Rangers vs. Boston Red Sox

WINNER- Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox should take the crown over the Rangers in the 2nd round, sending them to the ALCS. The Rangers have a good team, but I think that they won’t be able to overtake the Red Sox.

National League CS- Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

WINNER- Chicago Cubs

The Dodgers’ run should end right here with a loss to the Cubs. Chicago is the all-around best team of the playoffs on paper, and I think that they should move on to the World Series with a win over LA. The Dodgers won’t go down without a fight, and I think it’ll take 6 games for the Cubs to defeat them.

World Series- Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago Cubs

WINNER- Chicago Cubs

This may be as epic of a World Series as you’ll get, with the 2 “cursed” teams of the 20th century facing off. However, for the first time since 1908, I think that the Chicago Cubs will take the crown and raise the Commissioner’s Trophy as the best team in baseball for this season. They are just the best team of the field and will have no problem winning the World Series.  Just don’t let any goats near Wrigley Field.

What are your predictions? Tweet them to me @MattsBats or comment them down below.

Behind the Scenes at Seattle’s Safeco Field


Over the last couple weeks, my family took a vacation to the wonderful West Coast cities of San Francisco and Seattle.  Living here in DC, I don’t get a chance to watch too much West Coast baseball, but love the chances to see those teams play whenever I can.  So it was great when we were invited by the Seattle Mariners to come to a game and go behind the scenes at Safeco Field.

Safeco is a very nice ballpark. It actually reminded me a lot of the Rockies’ Coors Field, which we visited last year.  I would definitely recommend a game there to anyone who is going to be in the Seattle area during the baseball season.  The ballpark is celebrating it’s 17th birthday this year, but it still looks brand new due to impressive housekeeping.  You’ll never have to worry about a rain delay in Seattle, as Safeco has a retractable roof that can open and close in 15 minutes.  The people who work at the ballpark are probably the friendliest of any I have ever visited.  There are lots of great food options, an interactive Mariners Hall of Fame, and it’s very easy to get to from downtown via the Link train.  The Mariners have a great team this year, with stars like Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager, Nelson Cruz and Felix Hernandez.  So now’s the time to go see the Mariners!

Before the game, we stopped at a Mariners team store that was conveniently located right in the middle of downtown Seattle.  That was a great convenience, and not something I have really noticed any other MLB team do.  At the store, I got a Ken Griffey, Jr. shirsey that had a “patch” saying “2016 Hall of Fame Induction” on it. That was a great souvenir.

Because we got to the ballpark at 4:30 to see batting practice and go on a backstage tour, the ballpark was almost empty when we arrived.  But as soon as the gates opened to the public, there was aIMG_7014 rush of fans to get inside.

The M’s previous game the night before was a 15 inning roller coaster that the Mariners eventually won.  Because of the late ending, the teams didn’t take as much BP as we hoped they would. We still got onto the field, and I got to take a picture with breakout 3B Kyle Seager.  If you don’t follow baseball closely, you may have missed how great a player he is.  He is in the same category of third basemen as guys like Nolan Arenado, Manny Machado or Anthony Rendon.  Seager has a solid bat and made a spectacular defensive play later in the game, so it was great to meet him before the game.

Also on the field, I talked with Aaron Goldsmith, a play-by-play announcer for 710 AM ESPN Seattle and Root Sports Northwest. Aaron gave me a lot of great tips about how to be a broadcaster, which is what I would like to do when I grow up.  He showed me his custom scorebook, where he puts stats and notes to use during the game.  Aaron said that his scorebook was actually based on the Bob Carpenter one, that many broadcasters use to keep score. He encouraged me to keep writing, as that’s the best way to describe games in colorful images for people who are not there with you to see it.

After Mariners finished BP, the grounds crew took down the cage, because the Tigers decided to take BP inside. That’s when we went inside to start touring the ballpark.

First we went into the interview room, where Rebecca Hale, the Marniers’ Director of Public Information, actually interviewed me for the M’s radio network about my experience writing and visiting Seattle and other ballparks.  The interview aired before the game on Sunday, Aug. 21 versus the Milwaukee Brewers.  Listen to it below!


After the interview, we went up to the press box. We looked out the window of the press box over Safeco field and picked up the game notes and scoring sheets.  It was a perfect view of the field, not too high up.  We saw where some foul balls came into the press box and dented the walls.  And during the first couple of our game, we actually saw two balls fly into the press box.



Getting baseball broadcasting lessons from Aaron Goldsmith up in the broadcast booth.


IMG_5660Upstairs from the press box are the broadcast booths.  We first went into the radio booth, where we met up with Aaron again, and then we saw Rick Rizzs, the play-by-play announcer for the M’s radio since the 1980s.  Rizzs was legendary Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus’s partner from his beginning with the franchise to when Niehaus died in 2010.  Now the press box is named after Niehaus.

Rick gave me some great tips on how to be a broadcaster and we talked about how much baseball information is available on the internet now compared to what was in the thin little media guides 20 or 30 years ago.  A broadcaster, like a player, needs to work your way through the minors in order to eventually land a gig on the MLB level. He thought it was great that I started writing when I was only 8 years old.

The voices of the broadcasters travel very far, I learned, as the Mariners’ broadcast territory extends all across the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana), as well as the two non-contiguous states, Alaska and Hawaii.  Compare that to the teams I’m more familiar with on the East Coast, where there are the Nationals, Orioles, Phillies, Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox all within 450 miles on I-95– not to mention the Pirates and Blue Jays all within a few hours’ drive too.

After visiting the radio booth, we went over to the TV booth, where we met with the TV voices of the team, Dave Sims and Dave Valle. They were very friendly and told us a lot of interesting things about their jobs.  I pointed out where Bryce Harper hit the glass at Safeco below the “Hit it Here” sign deep in the outfield. (See video here).

We talked about different press boxes around the league.  The press box at Nationals Park is really high up, as is the one in Pittsburgh, which is the highest in MLB.  I’ve been in both of those press boxes.  We talked about how hard it is to tell at that level if a fly ball is a home run or just a regular can of corn.  You have to watch the outfielders react, and really try to get to BP to see how the ball comes off the bat.



The two Daves also pointed out their bulletin board with the text of the advertisements and promotions that the announcers read during stoppages of play.  I found that very interesting.  They joked that reading the ads correctly was the most important part of their job.

IMG_5673Finally, we went into the Master A/V Control room. The entire scoreboard is one HUGE video board. The team has a control room that looks like a TV studio and it controls the music, visuals, and PA systems throughout the ballpark. My five year old sister was walking around the control room, and got dangerously close to the microphone. Knowing my sister, I thought she was going to speak into it, but luckily she didn’t!  Interestingly, the room is not noisy and chaotic during a game; it’s actually very quiet because everyone is busy working and wearing headphones.

That ended our behind the scenes tour, but was just the start of our night at the ballpark.  But before we sat down, we walked once around the whole stadium. For dinner, I decided against my normal hot dog for a Seattle classic, Ivar’s Fish and Chips.

While walking around the stadium, we also stopped by the Moose Den to take a picture with the Mariner Moose.


When we got back to our seats, we noticed there were, coincidentally, Nats fans sitting right behind us. We talked with them a little before the game started, and then saw them the next day at the EMP Museum below the Seattle Space Needle.

The game we saw was a good old-fashioned pitcher’s duel: former Cy Young winner for the Detroit Tigers, Justin Verlander, versus fomer Cy Young winner “King” Felix Hernandez for the Mariners. Since it was Hernandez’s start, a section in left field was made into the famous “King’s Court” for the game. All the fans in that section get a yellow t-shirt and “K” sign to wave.  Whenever Hernandez had 2 strikes on a batter, the fans in King’s Court (and really anywhere else) chanted “K! K! K! K! K!” to try to distract the hitter and get Hernandez the strikeout. It’s really neat that the team does that, but having only seen the King’s Court on TV, to behold it with my eyes was amazing. (We were even given King’s Court t-shirts by the Mariners as a gift when we arrived).  I added to my collection of Mariners merchandise by buying a cap, which of course I had to wear backwards like recent HOF inductee Ken Griffey, Jr.



The Tigers went down in order in the top of the 1st, but in the bottom of the first inning Robinson Cano drilled a 1-2 Verlander changeup over the left field fence and beyond the reach of the left fielder Justin Upton. But in the top of the 4th, J.D. Martinez drove in Ian Kinsler with a single, tying the game at 1. Verlander and Hernandez were solid for the next couple innings, and after the 6th inning. The two starters threw about 100 pitches each in a 1-1 match up for about 6 innings.  I was hoping former Nationals closer Drew Storen, now in the M’s bullpen, would make a relief appearance, but he didn’t.  In the bottom of the 8th, Nelson Cruz hit a bomb off Justin Wilson to give the Mariners the lead back. Also in that inning, Leonys Martin gave the bullpen some insurance, singling in front of the left fielder to drive in Kyle Seager and make it 3-1 Mariners. In the bottom of the 9th, Nick Vincent had a solid inning, retiring the side having to face only 4 batters and lock down another win for the burning hot Seattle Mariners. This win boosted their win streak to 7 games.  It was great to catch the Mariners on a hot streak, and to see them “Cruz” to victory off of Nelson’s boomstick.

DSC_0877 (2)


Overall, I think that Safeco Field is a very nice ballpark for baseball fans to visit.  The staff is very friendly, the food options are very diverse, the history of baseball in the Pacific Northwest is very well described, and there are many baseball-themed activities for kids (something you can’t find at most ballparks).  It’s an interesting-looking ballpark, unlike some of the plainer ballparks in the league (like DC’s).  I found a reason to become a fan of the “other Washington” ballclub, and I’m glad I did.  You can bet I will be tuning into more Mariners baseball games whenever I can!  And I look forward to the Nationals playing the Mariners next season in interleague baseball!

President Obama Honors World Series Champs KC Royals and I WAS THERE

President Obama Welcomed the 2015 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals. (C) 2016

President Obama Welcomed the 2015 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals. (C) 2016

Every year, the winners of the “big 4” sports championships, as well as some collegiate sports champions, visit the White House to be honored by the President of the United States. .

On Thursday, July 21, it was time for the 2015 Major League Baseball World Series Champion Kansas City Royals to be honored by POTUS.  I was invited to cover the event for, the second time in a year that the White House Press Office gave me press credentials (I also covered the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony in November).

We arrived at the White House at around 10:35 am, even though the event didn’t start until about noon.  After entering through the Northwest gate on Pennsylvania Avenue and going through Secret Service security, we went to the press briefing room where all the other journalists were camped out.  Since it was a weekday morning, the room was packed with people who were working at their little cubbies.  Press Secretary Josh Earnest (a die-hard Royals fan who was present at the ceremony), was giving his daily briefing, so it was very cool to see that live.



I had a little bit of time to play before the event, and I learned that the White House is a Pokestop!  Josh Earnest even mentioned during his briefing that people playing Pokemon this summer should be safe and aware of their surroundings.

At 11:25, the pre-set started in the East Room. That’s when the press set up their cameras and claim a spot in the line.  We went in through the front door of the White House and turned left into the East Room.  After getting set, we went back outside and waited again in the press briefing room (which is the long corridor that connects the White House to the West Wing).


A few minutes before the event started, press was called into the East Room again.  By that time, many of the guests had arrived.  There were lots of people wearing Royals gear- and some people were dressed very casual for an event at the White House.  Soon after, the Royals players, manager and owners were introduced, and the crowd started chanting “Let’s Go Royals!”  Finally, the President came into the room too. President Obama welcomed some of the dignitaries, including Sen. Bob Dole, George Brett, former Secretary of Health and Human Services and former Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius.  It was a happy occasion, so the President made a few jokes.  He pointed out the son of Kansas City, Kansas mayor Mark Holland, who plays shortstop for the little league Braves.  He also poked fun at some of the nicknames the Royals players have– like “Hos” for Eric Hosmer, or “Moose” for Mike Moustakas, “Gordo” for Alex Gordon, and “Salvy” for Salvador Perez– for lack of creativity.  “It’s like Barack ‘Barack’ Obama, you know?”  Everyone laughed.

General Manager Dayton Moore presented the President with a jersey signed by every member of the Royals. It was a ceremony enjoyed by everyone in attendance, even if it was pretty short.

After the ceremony, the press were redirected to an area just outside of the entrance to the West Wing where some players, coaches, and team officials were going to answer questions. This is what’s called a “stakeout.”  There was a crowd of about 20 or so professional journalists, and me in the media scrum.  But I was able to yell out a question to first baseman Eric Hosmer, who answered my question.  It was the first time I had done something like that, and I was a little nervous about it! “You’ve won the All Star Game MVP, the World Series, and you just got to meet the President, what a year it’s been for you!” I asked.  “Tell us what that was like.”  “It’s been quite the year, it really has.  This really topped it off.  Remembering what we did last year, and coming here [to the White House] and having the President acknowledge what we do is truly special for all of us.”

In a one-on-one with outfielder Alex Gordon and Hosmer, I asked each of them to compare the feelings between winning the World Series and meeting the President.  Both said that they worked hard to win the championship and loved celebrating it with their teammates.  “You work for this your whole life.  There’s a lot of effort put into to it, so I would say winning the World Series amd sharing that moment with your teammates and the whole organization is a special moment,” Gordon said.  Hosmer added, “meeting the President is just one of the perks of winning the World Series!”

Eric Hosmer

Eric Hosmer

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon

This was another amazing experience, but I have to say, I was a little jealous of all the fans wearing KC Royals blue.  Next year, I hope we’ll be celebrating the Nationals at the White House. That wouldn’t be too bad!

Matt’s Bats Chat with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred


I recently had the amazing opportunity to interview the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, about his new youth baseball initiatives.

Ever since taking the reins as Commissioner in 2015, Manfred has done a great job encouraging young kids to try out our National Pastime to become fans for life and future players of the sport. This season, with the exciting new launch of the Play Ball initiatives, I was lucky enough to talk to him about the state of the MLB’s youth initiatives.

Matt’s Bats – Can you please briefly explain Major League Baseball’s youth initiatives and why the league is working on this?

Rob Manfred – All of our youth initiatives are under the umbrella of Play Ball.  We have programs designed to reach all sorts of kids, including softball programs, baseball programs, and programs to revive baseball in the inner cities, which are grassroots programs in under-served communities. The MLB Youth Academies and the League Development Invitational are designed for kids who may have a future as professional or college players. It’s an across the board approach to try to get kids of all levels playing the game.

MB – How do you think these programs will help get kids back into baseball?

RM – Play Ball has a focus on simpler ways to engage with the game.  One of the impediments to kids playing baseball is that people think you need 18 kids in uniforms and an umpire.  We want kids playing the game in a simpler way, whether its Wiffleball, Hot Box, catch, or Home Run Derby. There are a lot of simpler games kids can play that are enjoyable and athletic, without needing 18 kids on the field.

MB – These programs can also encourage kids from inner cities that might not have the field space to play a true baseball game, to play games that are like baseball.
Why did you reach out to Ken Griffey, Jr. to lead the initiative as an ambassador?

RM – Two reasons.  First, star power drives kids’ interest. Junior was probably the greatest player of his generation.  He has a wonderful personality and an infectious smile.
Second, since his retirement he has shown a lot of interest in youth baseball.  He has a long relationship with the Boys and Girls Club.  We thought he was the perfect ambassador.

MB – I’m a Nats fan, so I was really excited to see the support of former Expos player Marquis Grissom too.

RMMarquis runs a great program in Atlanta.  Our former players are a huge asset helping kids more interested in baseball.  They know and understand the game better than anyone.  They are passionate about engaging kids because they believe its the future of our game.

MB – What life lessons can baseball teach kids?

RM – First, teamwork.  There’s no sport that’s more of a team game than baseball. No matter how good you are, if you don’t have good teammates around you, you can’t win.  Second, the ability to overcome failure.  Baseball is a very hard game. The best hitter only succeeds 1 in 3 times and you need to be able to work from your failure to be more successful next time you’re up.

MB – Why are the league’s youth initiatives so important to have now?

RM – The competition for youth players’ time is greater than ever before – there are a lot more sports choices they can make.  Each and every sport is trying to get kids to specialize in only one sport, which only increases the competition.  Baseball needs to make sure it is putting its best foot forward.

MB – On a different subject, Major League Baseball is obviously a men’s league, but when do you think there will be a woman on the field in an MLB uniform, maybe either as an umpire or coach?

RM – I think its really important that our on-field personnel, players, coaches, and umpires, reflect the diversity of our fan base and I’m hopeful that we’ll have a woman on the field in some capacity in the not too distant future.

MB – Finally, when is the next big youth baseball event that the league is sponsoring?

RM – There will be an exciting announcement up in the Bronx, opening a new MLB Academy at Roberto Clemente Park.  [MLB announced the opening of the Academy on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, the day after this interview was conducted]. The opportunity to have an Academy at a park named for one of the game’s greatest stars is a really exciting one.

As you can see, there MLB recognizes the importance of getting kids involved in the sport of baseball.  Since I am such a fan of baseball and write about my experiences with the game through the viewpoint of a kid, I was very happy to hear about Commissioner Manfred’s plans for the future of the sport.  Keep reading my MLB Pro blog and follow on Twitter and Instagram.  I’m going to be covering a lot of cool things this summer–including I’LL BE AT THE WHITE HOUSE TODAY AS PRESIDENT OBAMA WELCOMES THE 2015 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION KANSAS CITY ROYALS.


Get Max Scherzer’s Autograph For Great Causes


My autographed Max Scherzer card from the 2015 Cards for a Cause program.

Last year, during his first season with the Washington Nationals, ace of the staff Max Scherzer launched a charity called Baseball Cards for a Cause.  Max autographed fans’ baseball cards in exchange for a donation to the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.  This was a fundraiser Max and his wife, Erica May-Scherzer, started when Max was in Detroit on the Tigers, and I think that it’s great that the Scherzers brought it with them to Washington. I participated in the fundraiser last year, and thought it was a fun way to support a great cause.  I now have in my collection the autograph of one of baseball’s best pitchers, and it’s even personalized to me.  I had a chance to talk with Max and Erica about their charities, and Max answered the most important questions about his autograph signing programs. 

This year, the Scherzers are expanding their autograph and fan engagement programs to help even more charities.  In addition to participating in Cards for a Cause again this year (more details on the expanded program below), there are three more ways he’s helping the community: Autographs and Athletes, Strike Out Modern Slavery, and The Scherzer Showdown.  I’ll explain each one below and the different worthy causes each supports.

Autographs and Athletes Autographs and Athletes is like last year’s Baseball Cards for a Cause, but kicked up a notch.  Now, fans seeking autographs are not limited to sending in a baseball card.  You send in your favorite items, like a baseball, photo, or ticket stub, and Max will sign it and return it to you.  All the details are online here:  All the money raised supports a charity called Polaris, a leading charity in the global fight to eradicate modern slavery.  I asked Erica why they chose to support Polaris with the Autographs and Athletes program: “I’m an ambassador for the organization and have worked closely with them for the last year.  I cannot say enough positive things about how much I love Polaris and how impactful the work they are doing is.  Human trafficking is an issue that so many people are unaware or misinformed of, despite the fact that it impacts over 21 million people globally.  By supporting Polaris with these fundraisers Max and I can not only raise money for the National Human Trafficking Hotline (which Polaris operates), but also help bring attention to the cause.”

Fans paying close attention on Twitter may have noticed recently that Max has already started signing some of the items that have been mailed in.


In a recent interview, Max told me, “I’m signing them in groups so my fans can get their items sooner.  I just signed 120….Depending how many more come I’ll sign one or two more times” before the season ends.  So, I wanted to know what it’s like signing all those cards.  He can’t get a cramp in his pitching hand!  “It doesn’t really hurt my hand too much since I’m used to signing all the time,” Max told me.  “I can sign about 500 items in one sitting before my hand hurts and I’m mentally fatigued.”

Strike Out Modern SlaveryAlso in support of Polaris, Max is organizing a pledge drive for each strike out this season.  As Nats fans know, Max can serve up quite a few strikeouts– as many as 20 in a single game!  Fans are encouraged to make a pledge on the website (as little as $0.31 a strikeout), and Max and Erica will match all donations up to $25,000.  Everyone who pledges is entered into a drawing to win Nationals prizes like Scherzer-signed baseballs and Nationals tickets. For more information and to pledge a donation to Polaris, visit  So far, this charity has raised just under $10,000.

The Scherzer Showdown– For the second year in a row, Max Scherzer and fellow Nationals teammates are hosting a fantasy football draft benefiting the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.  Sponsored by the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, the Youth Baseball Academy (“YBA”) teaches DC area kids about how to stay healthy and have a good education. The YBA integrates the STEM curriculum into baseball, like teaching math using Nats’ player batting averages.  “They are such a well run organization that is focused on at-risk youth development,” Erica told me.  “I was very excited when Max signed with a city that had a youth academy.  Sports have such power beyond the field and can truly make a life changing difference in countless kid’s lives.”  When you sign up for the Scherzer Showdown, not only do you attend a fantasy football draft with Max and his teammates, but fans play fantasy football with the players all season.  This is such an awesome idea for a fundraiser, and a great way for players to interact with their fans. For more info and to sign up for the draft, visit!

Cards for a Cause- The Cards for a Cause autograph program is back for 2016, but a little different this year.  By making a donation to the Nationals Dream Foundation, fans will receive a limited edition Dream Foundation baseball card, presented by TOPPS, which will be autographed by your choice of Max Scherzer, Jonathan Papelbon or Shawn Kelley.  It will also be authenticated by MLB. At the end of the regular season, Scherzer, Papelbon and Kelley will will match all funds raised by their individual baseball card with a charitable donation of their own.

It’s great to know that the stars of our hometown baseball team like to give back to the community and to charities that mean a lot to them. I strongly encourage you to help them out, and maybe get a nice autograph for yourself or a friend.

Players Visit the Washington Nationals Diabetes Care Clinic


This Facebook post isn’t great- T1D isn’t caused by improper nutrition or exercise.

Since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (“juvenile diabetes) last October, I have been using my website and social media to raise money and awareness for this life-long autoimmune disease that kills the cells in your pancreas that make insulin.  I was helped by the wonderful nurses and doctors at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, who helped me understand this new disease and how I can take care of it. Ever since, I’ve been going to frequent classes and doctor’s appointments at the Washington Nationals Diabetes Care Complex (“WNDCC”).

solistreinendccThe WNDCC hosts an annual player visit, where the players come and hang out with the kids.  Last week, relief pitchers Sammy Solis and Blake Treinen came to meet about two dozen of the WNDCC patients, as well as some kids from the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.  One of the activities was making healthy, carb-friendly snacks.  Even though Type 1 diabetes is NOT caused by unhealthy eating or poor exercise habits, people with Type 1 diabetes need to monitor the amount of carbs they eat because they need to take an injection of insulin to help the body “digest” it since their own bodies can no longer make insulin.

The first event was an interview panel inside Seacrest Studio, which is a TV/radio studio inside the hospital.  It broadcasts throughout the hospital so kids can tune in from their rooms. I was one of the kids chosen to ask the players questions. I asked Blake Treinen about how he reacted when he learned he was in a Jeopardy! question during the offseason. treinen_jeopardy


He told me that he did not know he was going to be mentioned.  He was “stunned” that he was mentioned on the show because the rest of the people in the category were Hall of Famers.  He said his grandparents were at home watching the show and “literally fell off their rockers” when his name was mentioned.

Another kid on the panel asked Blake and Sammy what their favorite ballparks were, other than Nationals Park. Blake said that he liked Petco Park in San Diego. After the Q&A, I told him that Petco was my favorite too. Sammy said that he went to college in San Diego, and for the rest of the day, I was “Mr. San Diego” to the two of them.

After the interview, the players and patients left the studio and went back to the WNDCC rooms.  First, I helped make snacks, like a skewer with meat, cheese, and vegetables, a lemon hummus, and “pizza popcorn.” It’s funny– I don’t really like pizza or popcorn, but I did like the pizza-flavored popcorn that I made. Sammy helped us make the popcorn.

We then moved on to Blake’s station, which was in the WNDCC exercise room. There were a bunch of different stretches, machines, and ways to keep yourself healthy in the mini-gym. I liked the machines we were able to use, like the elliptical and the exercise bike. Blake was pitching in a Wii baseball showdown with the patients present at the event. I did fine against him, getting 2 “hits” off errors. It was a really fun day.

cardsAfter the activities, the nurses and doctors working the event led us outside, where we met Blake and Sammy sitting at a table. Topps, the sports card company, was there, and they made custom baseball cards for the patients and attendees. Sammy and Blake asked us to sign a card for them, they signed a card for us, and then we got a stack of custom cards. Also, the favors included a brand new Nats hat, and a pack of real Topps baseball cards.

It made me feel good that the players take time out of a game day to help kids at the hospital. I like seeing players give back to the community, and this is what happened on Wednesday.

I can’t wait until the next time this will take place. Wednesday was such a fun day!


Baseball Should Expand Back to Montreal

w5aqbkrk24pv86dfgh5a1bh06The NHL’s expected announcement Wednesday afternoon of new expansion teams got me thinking about where Major League Baseball should go next. In 2005, the Montreal Expos relocated to Washington, D.C. to become the Nationals, leaving a hole for fans of America’s pastime who live North of the Border. Today, as NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman discusses his league’s plans to bring hockey to new cities, I’m sure Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred is also thinking where the MLB may expand in coming years.
One of the places Manfred has reportedly talked about bringing a new MLB team is back to Montreal, and I think the Expos deserve a second life. One of the reasons that the team moved in the first place is because the city of Montreal couldn’t afford a new ballpark in the downtown area of the city. Now that people are talking about expanding the league or possibly relocating teams with smaller fan bases and aging stadiums (like the Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland Athletics), I think that Montreal deserves its Expos back.
Baseball has a rich history in Montreal, as explored by former Grantland writer Jonah Keri in his excellent book Up, Up, and Away: The Kid, the Hawk, Rock, Vladi, Pedro, le Grand Orange, Youppi!, the Crazy Business of Baseball, and the Ill-fated but Unforgettable Montreal Expos. I learned a lot about the long history of baseball in Montreal from reading that book. A team named the Montreal Royals played in the Eastern League for 20 seasons until the Brooklyn Dodgers purchased the team and made them their Triple-A affiliate. The Royals’ best player was future legend Jackie Robinson, who was sent to the Royals after Branch Rickey signed him to the memorable deal that eventually broke the color barrier in the MLB. Soon after the Royals left, their stadium, Delorimier Downs, was destroyed. This hurt the team that was soon going to report to Montreal. When the Royals left, optimistic mayor Jean Drapeau put in a bid for an MLB franchise. He got what he asked for, in 1969 and the Expos were created.
Fast-forward now to 1981. The Expos grew from a mediocre expansion team to the team analysts called the “team of the 80’s.” Led by stars (and even a couple of future Hall of Famers) like Andre Dawson and Gary Carter, and also Warren Cromartie, the ’81 Expos were a very deep and good team. After a strike that split the season, the Expos finished in first place and moved into a playoff berth. The Expos faced the Philadelphia Phillies, the team that won the NL East in the 1st half of the split season, in the new NLDS. The ’81 Expos were the first Canadian team to ever make the MLB playoffs, and had the entire country behind their back. (The Toronto Blue Jays did not yet exist).
The 1981 Expos played an exciting series against the Philadelphia Phillies. After winning the first two games of the playoff series at Olympic Stadium, the Phils forced a 5-game series. In the final game, the Expos did not score off Phillies ace Steve Carlton until the 5th inning, when the Expos scored 2 against Carlton. The Expos put another one on the board in the 6th, and kept the shutout lead for the rest of the game. The Expos had moved on to the second round, now facing the very talented pitching of the Los Angeles Dodgers. But after several really exciting games (including a complete game shutout by Ray Burris), the Expos lost the series to the eventual World Series winner.
That’s just one of the many heartbreaking moments in Expos history. Another was in 1994. The Expos had a wonderful team, headlined by Larry Walker and Pedro Martinez. The team got off to a blistering start, but the season was interrupted again, coincidentally, by a strike. MLB team owners committee proposed a salary cap, and, boy, did that not go well with the MLBPA. The final games of the season were played on August 11, 1994, and MLB finally canceled the season on September 14, 1994. The Expos had an incredible record of 74-40 when the ’94 season was called, 6 games up on the Atlanta Braves. Frank Thomas, the slugger for the White Sox, said about his year that “We picked a bad season to have a good year.” Again, the best hopes of a World Series title were gone.
Ten years later, Montreal bid its Expos adieu. Olympic Stadium, built almost 30 years earlier for the 1976 Summer Olympics, was not really liked by the fans because it was literally falling apart. Instead, the Expos played 22 home games at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico that final season. But it was a very disappointing season for the Expos, which finished last in the NL East with a horrifying record of 67-95.
The team moved to DC to start the 2005 season. With the 4th selection in the draft, the new Washington Nationals acquired young third baseman from UVA, Ryan Zimmerman, who would go on to become the “face of the franchise” for the Nationals for their first decade. In 2005, the Nationals finished with a respectable .500 record (81-81), a feat the team would not match again until 2012 (OK, maybe they would have in 2011, but the team finished 80-81 because a rain out game earlier in the season was not made up).
So to those who don’t remember, the Expos had some exciting times in Montreal, with some really spectacular ballplayers. The fan base is still there, despite the bad attendance totals in the team’s last few seasons. I think low attendance at games in the late years of the Expos were likely due to the fact that the stadium was a huge, crumbling mess that no one wanted to go to. For the last 3 years, the Blue Jays and MLB have hosted exhibition games at Olympic Stadium. In only 2 games the first year, the exhibition games drew a whopping crowd of 96,000 people. Add to the momentum that former Expo Warren Cromartie has started the Montreal Baseball Project, which is dedicated to bringing a MLB team back to the Montreal area. It’s nice to see that the former players want their former team to be back in the city they grew to love.
In addition to having the history and fan base, Montreal is at least on equal footing with other possible expansion cities that need new ballpark to house a team. But at least Montreal has Olympic Stadium to use in the meantime, unlike many of the other contenders. Some of the cities that were considered in 2005 when the Expos were up for relocation were Las Vegas, Monterrey, Mexico, and Portland, Oregon. None of these cities has a temporary home for a new team: Portland has only a 22,000 seat facility in Providence Park and Monterrey a 27,000 baseball stadium; Las Vegas currently has houses no professional sports teams. Another option for an expansion team, Charlotte, NC, just built a new ballpark for the Charlotte Knights (AAA affiliate of the White Sox), but would the city really invest in a new MLB ballpark too? Other citites also rumored to want a baseball team, like Columbus, Ohio, or Indianapolis are in too close proximity to other MLB teams, and baseball probably wouldn’t a repeat of the broadcast territory disputes that have gone on between the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles. There’s been talk about the Oakland A’s leaving Stadium for San Jose. That’s a city with pro sports successes– NHL’s San Jose Sharks and MLS’s San Jose Earthquakes–and I think that is where the Oakland A’s will eventually build a new stadium. But if baseball is going to give life to a new team, I think the best choice is back in Montreal.

What are your thoughts about MLB expansion? Comment below or Tweet me @MattsBats.

Fundraiser to Fight Type 1 Diabetes

JDRF_onewalkThis is a special post about how you can help me raise money for a very important charity, and also win amazing autographed and game-used sports memorabilia.  Please click on and read below.

Last October, after being rushed to the emergency room of Childrens’ National Medical Center in Washington, DC, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks all the cells in your pancreas that produce insulin, a hormone vital to changing food into energy and keeping you alive.  Although no one knows what causes Type 1 Diabetes (it is some combination of genetics and exposure to something in the environment), this form of diabetes is a lifelong disease, and currently there is no cure for it.  About 1.25 million Americans have Type 1 Diabetes, and usually it is diagnosed as a kid, which is why it is sometimes known as “juvenile” diabetes (although it lasts all your life).

If you’ve heard the term “diabetes” from friends, relatives or on TV, most likely they were referring to Type 2 Diabetes, a much more common, although totally different, form of the disease.  About 30 million people in America (about 9% of the population) have Type 2 diabetes.  Unlike Type 1, their bodies are still able to make insulin, but they can still get very sick unless they improve their diet and exercise or take medicines to help jumpstart their bodies to make enough insulin to meet their needs.

Most of the time, if someone is suffering from a chronic disease, there are some kinds of signs or symptoms you can recognize.  If you looked at me, you would never know I have a chronic disease.  But I do have to pay very close attention to my medical needs.  I need to constantly balance my blood sugar levels with my need for insulin, which I do by giving myself a shot of insulin at least 4 times a day (before meals and one basal injection as well).  I have to know when I am going to eat, what I am going to eat, how many grams of carbohydrates are in my meals, and how much insulin to inject to balance the carb intake, and how much activity I am going to be engaging in.  I also wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to make sure that my blood sugar is not too high, or even more important, not too low, which can lead to a very serious hypoglycemia emergency.  That’s why I also carry some candy around in case my blood sugar drops, and I need a sugar boost to avoid getting shaky or even passing out.  This is what goes through the head of everyone with Type 1 Diabetes all day.  It’s especially hard as a kid, because you have to learn all about the disease and how to treat it, while keeping up with all your non-diabetic friends who can eat whatever they want (whenever they want) or workout as hard as they can without even thinking about it.

Fortunately, my diabetes hasn’t stopped me from doing anything.  I still go to school, play sports, and hang out with friends.  And I still write, my baseball blog.  If you don’t yet know about me, I am the youngest Pro Blogger on’s blogging website.  I’ve gotten to travel to lots of different ballparks, meet players and broadcasters, go behind the scenes of Major League Baseball.  I’ve covered sports events across the country from Wrigley Field to Fenway Park, and from the red carpet in Hollywood to the White House.  Since I’ve been diagnosed, I’ve also met athletes with Type 1 Diabetes and I am using my blogging and social media to raise money and awareness for great organizations that are helping to cure Type 1 Diabetes.

This is where I need your help!

I have started a team to participate in the JDRF One Walk event on the National Mall on June 5, 2016.  My goal is to raise $11,000 this year– $1,000 for each year of my age.  I know that sounds really ambitious, but in the past readers have helped me raise almost that much for cancer charity.

So I am asking all my readers to sign up to walk with my friends and family, or to consider making a donation to JDRF. The JDRF is the leading international non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes. I recently met with the CEO of JDRF, Derek Rapp, at their Type 1 Nation Research Summit, to ask him how JDRF is going to use the money donated by supporters.


Here is where it gets very exciting!

Some of my friends from the baseball world have generously donated some awesome game-used and autographed memorabilia to help support me and help me raise money for my JDRF One Walk team.  For example, Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer and his wife Erica donated a bunch of unique autographed items, including some items celebrating his two no-hitters in the 2016 season.

Max Scherzer Autographed "No Hitter" Cap

Max Scherzer Autographed “No Hitter” Cap.  Bid to support Team Matt’s Bats in JDRF One Walk

Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman and his wife Heather have given me one of Ryan’s used baseball bats and some batting gloves, which he autographed.  There is a lot more very cool items from other baseball players, as well as other professional athletes.  New items are still coming in from other sports teams!


Autographed Ryan Zimmerman used baseball bat. Bid to support Team Matt’s Bats in JDRF One Walk

These items will be available to bid on in an auction, and 100% of the money will go to JDRF.


Ready to Bid?  Let’s Get Started!!

Washington Nationals Max Scherzer Signed “No Hitter” Hat

Washington Nationals Ryan Zimmerman Signed Batting Glove

Washington Nationals Gio Gonzalez Signed Hat

Washington Nationals Max Scherzer No-Hitter Plaque


If you aren’t able to win the auction items, I will be giving things away free to anyone who supports me with donations to my One Walk team, or who signs up to walk with me.  Other items will be available to people who help me promote my fundraising on social media.

Stay tuned to and @MattsBats on Twitter to learn how you can bid on or win these unique items.

Also, please click here to join “Team Matt’s Bats” on my JDRF One Walk team or donate money to my fundraising campaign.


Even if you don’t donate money or come to the event, you should read these facts about T1D, so at least you get a little bit of education about it.

Thanks so much for everyone who chooses to donate or to come to the JDRF One Walk and become a member of “Team Matt’s Bats” or even just retweets me or copies this post on Facebook!

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