Arguably the Best Closer in the USA. Period.

Davey Johnson was mad at Tyler Moore because he made the last out of the game as a strikeout. But he couldn’t do too much about it. He was facing all-star closer Craig Kimbrel who throws his best fastballs at the whopping speed of 97 to 100 miles per hour. But he has rivals, suprisingly. The most famous is probably Cincinatti Reds’ star Aroldis Chapman and the least is probably is the Cubs’ Rafael Dolis. My favorite is Christan Garcia of the Nationals, of course. But Kimbrel is the closer to beat. But last year Fredi Gonzalez got dissapointed and Edwin Rodriguez was happy as the FLORIDA MARLINS and Omar Infante ( who isn’t really a Marlin, anyway) are still the only team who have hit a walk-off home run against Kimbrel. Nationals v. Atlanta. 8. ET on ESPN. Game Preview: Gio Gonzalez looks to be the first to 20 wins, opposing Mike Minor tonight on ESPN.

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