The New York Yankees agree to a one year, $12m deal with free agent 3B/1B Kevin Youkillis.  Youkillis will play third for the Yanks, taking over for injured A-Rod while he recovers from surgery.  Mark Texeira will remain at first base.

I think this is an upgrade over A-Rod.  Both Youk and A-Rod are in their mid-30s and probably near the end of their professional careers.  But A-Rod was not up to his former self in the Yankees run to the crown in 2012.  I like Brian Cashman’s choice to bring in Youkillis.

Of course, the Yankees and Red Sox (where Youkillis made his name) are extreme rivals.  How will Yankees fans feel having a former Red Sock in their midst?  How will this change the NY-BOS rivalry?

By taking Youkillis, who used to play 1B, off the market, this narrows the field of prime first basemen available.  Mark Reynolds, Mike Napoli, Kevin Youkillis– all signed with other teams this winter.  It also limits the options Adam LaRoche has to sign with another team.  So this is actually a good development for the Nationals.  It makes it more likely that LaRoche will re-sign with the Nationals and play first base in 2013.

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