Nats News 04-17-2013

The Nationals traveled to Miami this week to take on the Marlins for the second time this year.  The Nats won the first and third games in the series, but lost the second one.  Washington pulled off some awesome things in Wednesday’s 6-1 victory that made big differences.

The reason Bryce Harper and Denard Span sat out Tuesday’s 8-2 loss to Miami was because they had the flu. But Bryce was back on Wednesday. Bryce actually vomited in the 2nd inning, but still went 4-5. He still played after that, which I love. Bryce inspires me to be tough and hustle when I play baseball. Denard should be back during the New York series.


After being hit by a pitch in Sunday’s 9-0 loss to Atlanta, Nats 2B Danny Espinosa will be back on Friday against the Mets, according to Davey Johnson. Utility Player Steve Lombardozzi, Jr., has been subbing for Espinosa and he has been doing a fantastic job. He has had some clutch hits against the Fish. Lombo is great to have on the team because he can fill in at almost any position and he is great.

Pitcher Ross Detwiler is the 6th best pitcher in the MLB with a 1-0 record (because of some problems with the bullpen) and only a 0.90 Earned Run Average. There was a play at the plate yesterday that the ump got wrong and if he were called out that would have lowered his ERA more.  He won his first game last night because the bullpen took over the rest of the game and shut the door.

As I said on FOX 5 on my interview last Saturday, my biggest 2013 surprise was that the Nats catchers, Kurt Suzuki and Wilson Ramos, were really producing at the plate. The Marlins game last night was a good example: Kurt Suzuki hit a home run and a triple.  His defense was great too.  He clearly tagged Chris Vailaika out at the plate, when he was called safe, he argued to the home plate ump.

The Nats have an off day as they travel to New York to take on the Mets this weekend.  I hope that Bryce and Denard don’t get everybody sick.

The Braves lost to the Royals 1-0, so their winning streak is over.  So now is the time for the Nats to gain some ground.  The Nationals come home to face some tough competitors. I am going to the Nats-Cards game on Monday. When Pete K _ _ _ _  is announced, I will boo as loud as I can!

Next game is Friday:
NATS @ METS: 7:10 PM

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