My Experience Watching BP From the Field

On Monday, I went to Nats Park to see the Nationals take on the Cardinals for the first time since October 2012.  Before the game, I went on the field for Batting Practice. I went on the field with our Season Ticket Rep, George Stone.  This is the first year my family bought season tickets, and I think we should buy tickets from George again next year because this was the best experience ever.

Desi wearing Matt’s Bats shirt on MASN post-game show

As soon as I walked on the field, I said hi to Ian Desmond.  He was standing next to Kurt Suzuki waiting to take batting practice.  He said, “Hey Matt’s Bats!”  I said thanks for wearing my shirt on TV. 

He said “it’s a pleasure.”

Then I saw F.P. Santangelo and he came over to talk to us.  He was wearing a suit, not a sweater vest.  I talked to him a little bit, but I was distracted by watching batting practice.

I met Dave Jageler, too.  I told him about my blog and that I am on Twitter.  He took out his iPhone and said he would follow me on Twitter.  I didn’t know that he had Twitter, but I followed him back.  He only had 13 followers then, but later I sent out a tweet that people should #FF him.

He tweeted back to me.

Then lots of people started following him.  Now he has over 500 followers!  I bet he freaked out the same way I did when Fake FP #FF’d me.

I met and got autographs from Ian Desmond, Bryce Harper, Steve Lombardozzi, and Gio Gonzalez. I told Desi that I was getting his autograph on a ball for my friend Meggie.  It was so fun!  Most journalists aren’t allowed to get autographs, but I am just a kid and not a professional journalist.  But if anyone from the Nationals wants to give me a press pass, then I will definitely take it!!!!

I told Lombo that I am friends with his girlfriend Brooke on Twitter.  He said, “Aren’t you a little young to be tweeting to Brooke?”  It’s true that I am young to be on Twitter, but I only go on with my parents watching.

I got Bryce to sign my Sports Illustrated with him on the cover.

I also met Mike Rizzo, Johnny Holliday, and Dan Hellie.

Johnny Holliday and me

Me and Dan Hellie from NBC4

I waved to Davey Johnson

I said “Good luck, Rendon” to Anthony Rendon right before his major league home debut.  We started calling him”TONY RENDONY.”

It was an awesome experience, even though we lost the game 3-2.  I’ll be back Sunday to watch them take on the Reds.


HASHTAG: #GOYARDONTHECARDS (courtesy of @NorthCaroliNats)

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