Last Night’s Pitcher’s Duel

Telling you in the title that Clayton Kershaw was pitching against the Nats, you would guess the Nats were out of luck. It is true that Kershaw pitched a shutout against the Nationals, but Dan Haren added to his 3 straight quality starts against the Tigers, Reds, and Braves. This time Haren received his 4th loss– not due to bad pitching, but due to the fact that Kershaw pitched better.

Haren only allowed 2 runs, but the Nats lineup featuring none of their starters in the outfield couldn’t find a way to beat Kershaw. The final score was Dodgers 2, Washington 0.

Here are some highlights, if you can call them highlights:

  •  In the third, Andre Ethier singled to CF Eury Perez. Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp scored. 2-0 L.A.  These were the only runs of the game.
  •  Kershaw made it all the way to the 9th, looking to pitch a complete game shutout on only 105 pitches.  This was the Nats’ last chance on the bats of Zimmerman, Desmond and LaRoche.  Zim and Desi both flew out to the warning track.  LaRoche singled on a 10-pitch at bat, and that ended Kershaw’s night.  Kenley Jansen came on to pitch to Tyler Moore, who was the tying run.  Like he did in the top of the 1st with bases loaded, T-Mo struck out to end it.   

 It was a pitchers’ duel, and the Dodgers got the best of us.  It wasn’t a bad loss for the Nats, considering they were up against Kershaw without Harper, Werth and Span.  It wasn’t disappointing like the loss on Sunday to the Cubs or the blow out by the Reds on April 5.  AND, the Braves lost too, so there’s no change in the NL East standings.

Rubber matchup tonight! Ross Detwiler and the Nationals take on Zack Greinke, who broke his collarbone during a fight with Carlos Quentin of the Padres. 

If you do not see the video, click here.

Detwiler has been struggling a little with not much run support.  Let’s change it tonight!





TIM HUDSON (4-2, 4.70 ERA) VS IAN KENNEDY (1-3, 4.83 ERA)


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