Top 30 Moments of 2013 (#30-21)

What a Weekend!  Well, fans, the season is over.  Even with 86 games in the win column, people thought the Nationals underperformed this year because they were pre-season favorites for the World Series.

I still think the season was successful.  They ended up only 4 games behind the Reds for the 2nd Wild Card spot and took 2nd in the NL East.

To help you remember the exciting moments, this week I am counting down the Top 30 Moments of the 2013 Nationals season.  Today we start at #30 and start counting backwards.  Look for the rest of the Top 30 in 2 more posts this week.  You can click on the links to see video.

Also, keep following @MattsBats on Twitter and reading online during the offseason.  I have some exciting things that I am planning to write about during the offseason to keep you interested for the next 182 days until Opening Day on March 31, 2014.

30. Desi’s Monstrous Home Run in Kansas City (8/25/13)

29. Rendon’s 1st Home Run is a Go-Ahead After Indians Bungle a Foul-Out Fly Ball (6/15/13)

28. Strasburg’s 500th Strike Out and Ramos Walks Off on a Fielding Error (9/22/13)

27. #Spanning To End It (8/14/13)

26. Nats Sweep The Tigers at Home (5/7 and 5/8/13)

25. LaRoche’s 2-Homer Game (4/9/13)

24. Harper’s 2-Homer Game (4/20/13)

23. Corey Brown’s Homer On His First Swing of 2013 (9/3/13)

22. Nats #UpsetTheMets 13-2 for Biggest Win Margin Ever (6/30/13)

21. Gio’s Big Fly: 2nd Career HR and Open Season with Back-to-Back Shutouts (4/3/13)

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