Top 30 Moments of 2013 (Top 10!)

What a Weekend!All this week I have been counting down the top 30 moments of the Nationals’ 2013 season.   The first part was #30-21.  Yesterday I gave you #20-11.  So that means today is the Top 10!

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10. Stephen Strasburg’s First Career Complete Game Shutout (8/11/13)

9. Jordan Zimmermann’s Three Complete Games (4/15/13, 4/26/13, and 9/20/13)

8. Wilson Ramos’ 5-RBI 4th of July (7/4/13)

7. Zimmerman’s 3-Tater Game (5/29/13)

6. Jayson Werth’s 1,000th Career Hit is a Home Run (8/10/13)

5. Bryce Returns from the DL with a BANG! (7/1/13)

4. Bryce Harper’s Walk-Off Tater (7/25/13)

3. Ian Desmond’s Game-Winning 1st Career Grand Slam (6/19/13)

2. Harper Hits Back-to-Back Home Runs on Opening Day (4/1/13)

And my pick for the Number 1 Moment of the Nationals’ 2013 Season Is…

… Not Just One Moment But …  29 Moments!

1. Denard Span’s MLB-Leading 29 Game Hitting Streak (8/22/13 – 9/18/13)

I picked Denard Span’s hitting streak as the most memorable moment of the Nationals 2013 season because it was the 2nd longest hitting streak in franchise history and the longest in all of Major League Baseball in 2013. The fact that he was 27 games away from Joe DiMaggio’s record shows just how amazing DiMaggio’s record is.  But still, Span’s hitting streak kept the Nats’ post-season hopes alive in late August and September.  Denard Span helped give us meaningful baseball late in the season, and he made each Nats game exciting.  He played awesome Gold Glove defense all season and ended the season with a Silver Slugger quality hitting streak.

Here is a video that MLB and the Nats put together of their favorite moments.  I think I had all of them on my list too.

What do you think?  Do you agree with my picks?  Do you remember any other great moments that you think should’ve been on this list?  Leave a comment below!

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