I’m Proud to Be a Nationals Fan

2014-10-03 Fox5In case you missed my appearance on Fox 5 DC before the NLDS Game 1 on Friday, check out his link below.


After losing Games 1 and 2 in DC to the Giants, the Nationals are in San Francisco for today’s Game 3 at 5:07 pm ET.  The Nationals are not in very good position to win the National League Division Series.  If they lose one more game, they are eliminated from the post-season.

However, the Giants came back from 0-2 at home in the NLDS in 2012 to win the World Series, so advancing is definitely possible.

On the other hand, the Tigers and the Angels, got swept by the Orioles and Royals in the American League Division Series.  The Angels had the best record in all of baseball this year, and they couldn’t get past the wild card Royals.

Whatever happens, it is exciting to watch.  I am proud to be a Nationals fan and a fan of the game.IMG_0006

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