World Series Starts Tonight! Here’s My Prediction

1wslogoAt the beginning of the season, who would have thought that the Giants and Royals would actually make the Fall Classic? I definitely did not. I predicted a Nats-Tigers World Series, and both teams were eliminated in the Division Series!

The Series starts tonight in Kansas City at 8:07 PM ET. The pitching matchup is James Shields vs. Madison Bumgarner. You can watch it on FOX.

Now that we know the two contenders, here is my prediction:

The Royals were the “Cinderella” team in baseball this year. It seems right for a scrappy team like that to finally make the World Series after 29 years. That means there are lots of adults walking around Kansas City who have never seen their team in the World Series. Since the Giants beat the Nats in the NLDS, I’m definitely rooting for Kansas City.

But being a realist, I think that San Francisco will take the Commissioner’s Trophy home back to San Francisco. I think San Fran will win because of their ability to get the right hits at the right time and their World Series experience (3rd appearance in 5 years).  Kansas City has not yet lost a playoff game and has all the support of its hometown fans and new fans around the world rooting for the underdog.  They play small ball and run a lot, but I think the lack of power in their lineup versus San Francisco’s will be too much for them to win.  My prediction is that the Giants will win in 6.

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