My 2015 Predictions

The baseball season is about to begin! And because of that, I have decided to publish my predictions for the season. So with out further adieu, here are the official previews and predictions for the 2015 season!  (If you want to see my 2014 predictions, click here.  I published them as separate posts, but this one has a link to them all).  Read my predictions for which team will win each Division, plus Post-Season and World Series predictions, and Awards predictions.  Also, at the bottom of the page, I’ve included my 2014 post-season predictions.  Hopefully, my predictions for 2015 are more accurate!


2013 Preview- NL EastNL EAST

5. Philadelphia Phillies

4. Atlanta Braves

3. Miami Marlins

2. New York Mets

1. Washington Nationals

I think the Nationals have this division locked up because they have a great rotation, unanimously the best in baseball. Their past struggles give them a deep, deep farm system. The Mets and Marlins, with their good pitching and hitting, will be the biggest contenders to the Nats’ division title.  I’m predicting the Nats win 99 games this year.


nlcentralonlynonhatsNL CENTRAL

5. Milwaukee Brewers

4. Cincinnati Reds

3. Chicago Cubs

2. Pittsburgh Pirates

                                                                       1 . Saint Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals will take the division again here in 2015, but a late-season run by Pittsburgh puts them in a close second. I’m predicting Kris Bryant will break out for the Cubs. He will start the year in the minors, but I’m predicting he’ll be called up to the delight of the MLBPA and fans early on– like by April 29. I’m also predicting Bryant will come away with a big award (see end).  The Cardinals to do well this season, but I’m saying they will barely come up with the title.  If you like baseball, this is the Division to watch in 2015.


2013 Preview- NL WestNL WEST

5. Arizona Diamondbacks

4. Colorado Rockies

3. San Diego Padres

2. San Francisco Giants

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

In another close battle, I’m predicting the reigning West champs will take it. Even with the new and improved team, A.J. Preller’s Padres will come in third in a tough battle between the Dodgers and Giants. LA, with Yasiel Puig, Joc Pederson, and Carl Crawford in the outfield and Jimmy Rollins, Howie Kendrick, and Adrian Gonzalez patrolling the infield, has a slight advantage over the Giants.  Again, this is a great Division to watch, even though here on the East Coast we don’t get to see too much West Coast baseball because of the time difference.


2013 Preview- AL East            AL EAST

            5. Tampa Bay Rays

            4. Baltimore Orioles

            3. New York Yankees

            2. Boston Red Sox

                                                                               1. Toronto Blue Jays

This is a tough division to choose from- it’s either you have Toronto winning the Division and Tampa Bay coming in last, or Tampa Bay winning the Division and Toronto coming in last.  I’m predicting each team in this Division will have a winning record, so it will be very close.  The Tampa Bay roster looks a lot like Toronto’s.  I think you can be pretty confident, however, picking, Boston Red Sox to finish in second. Falling under the radar will be the Orioles, who will fall in fourth after losing Nick Markakis and Nelson Cruz. So I’m asking you, don’t buy anything expensive at Marlo Furniture these next few days (their promotion is that if Nationals play the Orioles in the World Series, everyone gets a refund– I don’t think the O’s are World Series contenders this year).

2013 Preview- AL CentralAL CENTRAL

5. Minnesota Twins

4. Chicago White Sox

3. Kansas City Royals

2. Cleveland Indians

1. Detroit Tigers

Even though the Nats and Red Sox stole their entire rotation (except for Anibal Sanchez) and Justin Verlander is on the DL, I still have Detroit winning this division. Ian Kinsler will go 20/20 for the team this year and finally have his breakout season. Sports Illustrated has the Indians winning the Wild Card, but I don’t (read my AL West prediction below to see who I think gets the WC spot). The rejuvenated White Sox will finish behind the Royals, last year’s runner-ups.


5. Houston Astros2013 Preview-AL West

4. Texas Rangers

3. Oakland Athletics

2. Seattle Mariners

1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

This is going to be a very interesting dogfight come September. I’m predicting the Mariners will have a strong lead, until Mike Trout literally gets plunked by Felix Hernandez in July. Although Trout stays fine, the team makes a huge push to take the Division. I’m guessing they end in a tie– 91-71–and the tiebreaker, in LA, on October 5, ends up in a win for the Angels.  That’s pretty specific, isn’t it?  I’m saying Seattle takes the Wild Card.



2nd Place NL West San Francisco Giants

2nd Place NL Central Pittsburgh Pirates

WINNER- Pittsburgh Pirates


2nd Place AL Central Cleveland Indians

2nd Place AL West Seattle Mariners

WINNER- Seattle Mariners


Washington Nationals versus Pittsburgh Pirates-WINNER- Washington Nationals

Los Angeles Dodgers versus Saint Louis Cardinals- WINNER- Los Angeles Dodgers


Seattle Mariners vs. Detroit Tigers- WINNER- Seattle Mariners

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Angels- WINNER- Los Angeles Angels


Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers- WINNER- Washington Nationals


Seattle Mariners vs. Los Angeles Angels- WINNER- Los Angeles Angels


Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Angels- WINNER- WASHINGTON NATIONALS




2015 Award Predictions

NL MVP- Giancarlo Stanton (MIA)

AL MVP- Mike Trout (LAA)

NL ROY- Kris Bryant (CHC)

AL ROY- Andrew Heaney (LAA)

NL Cy Young- Clayton Kershaw (LAD)

AL Cy Young- Felix Hernandez (SEA)

NL Manager of Year- Mike Matheny (STL)

AL Manager of Year – John Gibbons (TOR)

NL Comeback Player of Year- Ryan Zimmerman (WAS)

AL Comeback Player of Year- Evan Longoria (TB)

World Series MVP- Anthony Rendon (WAS)


* (2014 Post-Season Predictions)

West– Texas Rangers
Central– Detroit Tigers
East– Boston Red Sox
WC1– New York Yankees
WC2– Oakland A’s
*But the Tampa Bay Rays are contenders too!
Pennant– Detroit Tigers

West– Los Angeles Dodgers
Central– St. Louis Cardinals
East– Washington Nationals
WC1– Atlanta Braves
WC2– Cincinnati Reds
Pennant– Washington Nationals

World SeriesWashington Nationals over Detroit Tigers


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