Matt’s Bats Becomes Official Braves Youth Blogger; Welcome #BravesBaby


I am happy to announce the exciting news that Mr. Ted Turner, CEO of Turner Enterprises, has invited me to join the Atlanta Braves team as their Official Braves Youth Blogger.  I have enjoyed following the Nationals since 2012 on my Matt’s Bats MLB Pro blog.  I will still be writing my weekly guest blogger column for MASN, but I will only write about how much better the Braves are than the Nationals.

The Braves have also given me the opportunity to announce this MONSTER trade: the Atlanta Braves have traded 1B Freddie Freeman and RP Craig Kimbrel to the Washington Nationals for Younaifred Aguero, a prospect playing for the Gulf Coast League Nationals.  Braves fans everywhere are excited to welcome Younaifred to Atlanta, and they wish Freddie and Craig best of luck in DC.  The team will celebrate Younaifred’s call-up to the big leagues by treating all fans to a celebration of Venezuelan delicacies on Opening Day at Turner Field!  Come hungry for authentic Cobb County, Georgia arepas!

Also, the Braves are giving me the honor of announcing their brand new new official team mascot.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet “Braves Baby!”


The Braves official Twitter account wants to know what you think about the new mascot Braves Baby.  Send a tweet to @Braves and use the official hashtag “#BRAVESBABY”  Let’s get #BravesBaby trending!

Finally, I wanted say this one last thing before I say goodbye to all of the fans in Natstown who have supported me over the years:



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