Postseason berth spoiled by bad call by umpire

The Nationals played a single-admission doubleheader on Wednesday versus the LA Dodgers. The Nats got number 90 on the 4:05 1st game and between games the players had a fire drill for a half hour.

But in the 4th inning of the nightcap, something strange happened. There was two outs, and Ryan Zimmerman tagged out the runner at third base. Three outs. Matt Kemp trotted slowly home. Run doesn’t count, right? Zimmerman tagged the runner out before he got to home plate.

See the play for yourself, and leave me a comment if you think the run should count or not.  Did Zimmerman tag out the runner for the 3rd out before Kemp crossed the plate?
Disputed Run

This run was costly to the Nationals. It was because if he was called out, it would have been a 5-0 game and the Nationals’ six run eighth would’ve gave them the lead and Matt Kemp’s 0-2 count homer would tie it, not eventually win it. 

NATIONALS NEWS GM. 1 DODGERS (LAD) 1 NATIONALS (WSH) GM. 2 DODGERS (LAD) 7 NATIONALS (WAS) 6 If the  Nats won,  they would go into the playoffs for the first time

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  1. Horrible call. Ump was asleep! Confer behind the plate and then sneak a look at the replay… oh oh … you would have to wake up first!

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